SkyTrak Golf Simulator Review: is It Worth the Money?

As a fellow golf enthusiast, you know that work schedules, family obligations, inclement weather, and high greens fees can all hinder your ability to play. But what if you could bring the golf course to your home or office? The SkyTrak Golf Simulator offers an affordable and high-quality solution to this problem. As a leading name in the industry, SkyTrak provides a comprehensive golf simulation experience that has been tested extensively. In this review, we will explore the technical details of how SkyTrak works, its key features and performance metrics, and whether it is a worthwhile investment for avid golfers.

What is SkyTrak?

SkyTrak is both the name of the company and their primary golf simulator product. SkyTrak catalogs and sells a few different packages, but essentially it comes down to:

  • The SkyTrak launch monitor and sensor
  • Hitting mat and impact screen
  • Simulation software
  • Golf accessories like clubs, balls, tees

The SkyTrak launch monitor is really the brains of the operation. This compact sensor uses advanced Doppler radar to track your golf shots. It gathers incredibly detailed shot data like ball speed, launch angle, side spin, carry distance, curvature, and more.

The hitting mat and impact screen create a realistic hitting surface and display. The software takes the shot data and uses it to simulate the ball flight and final result, just like you hit the shot on an actual course. Packages include simulations of some of the world’s most famous courses.

So in a nutshell, SkyTrak provides you with a high-tech golf simulator in your own personal space, no greens fees required. Let’s look at how well it actually performs.

SkyTrak Performance and Features

SkyTrak Performance and Features

The highlight of the SkyTrak system is definitely the launch monitor itself. This handy little device is about the size of a small home speaker. It can sit on the ground behind your hitting area or be mounted on a stand.

The SkyTrak launch monitor captures data using advanced Doppler radar technology. A radar beam tracks the entire trajectory of your golf shot from impact to final carry distance.

Here are some of the key performance metrics and features of the SkyTrak launch monitor:

  • Ball Speed: SkyTrak captures the exact ball speed within 0.2 mph accuracy. Know exactly how fast you’re hitting drives and irons.
  • Launch Angle and Spin: SkyTrak measures the exact launch angle of the ball from 0 to 90 degrees along with side spin in RPMs. Optimize your launch conditions.
  • Carry Distance: See how far each shot would carry on an actual course based on the ball flight characteristics.
  • Off-Center Hit Detection: SkyTrak shows you when and where you strike the ball off-center on the clubface. Improve your ball-striking skills.
  • Club Path: The monitor captures your clubhead path, angle of attack, and face angle at impact. Know your swing metrics.
  • Simulated Course Play: Using the shot data, SkyTrak simulates the ball flight and outcome on accurate 3D renderings of world-famous courses.
  • Statistics Tracking and Analysis: The software stores all your shot data, letting you analyze averages, trends, best shots, and more.
  • Game Modes and Competitions: Take on your friends in virtual match play, strokeplay, and skills challenges like long drive contests.

Those capabilities are extremely impressive for a personal launch monitor system under $2000. The data provided by SkyTrak really covers everything a golfer needs to practice skills, dial in your clubs, and have fun improving your scores.

The new SkyTrak software has some great features

The new SkyTrak software has some great features like:

  • Basic and advanced driving ranges for dialing in each club.
  • A course player where you can simulate full rounds on photorealistic 3D courses.
  • Multiplayer games and contests like long drive, closest to the pin, and match play.
  • Stat tracking to store all your session data.
  • Video recording and replay of shots so you can review your swing.

The course and graphics simulations are very impressive and realistic in the latest software updates. It really convinces your brain that you’re playing golf outside!

For even more features, you can pay to upgrade to the Pro Package and TGC2019 game. This unlocks more detailed swing analysis, practice plans tailored to your game, and thousands of additional course options.

Set Up and Calibration

Now that you know what SkyTrak includes, how easy is it to get set up? Honestly, SkyTrak made this incredibly simple even for tech novices.

Here is the basic process:

  1. Unpack the launch monitor, screen/mat, projector (if purchased), and accessories. Assembly is very straightforward.
  2. For the launch monitor, plug in the power cord to charge and download the SkyTrak mobile app.
  3. Use the app to pair your SkyTrak to your wifi network using the provided instructions. This connects the launch monitor to the simulation software.
  4. For the hitting area, roll out your mat and set up the impact screen about 5-7 feet away. For the projector screen package, assemble the screen and ceiling mount the projector overhead.
  5. Pair your SkyTrak software to the launch monitor over your wifi.
  6. Run the one-time calibration for your space. Just takes a few shots with a provided calibration tool.
  7. You’re ready to start simulating!

Seriously, the whole set up takes less than 30 minutes once unpacked, and SkyTrak tech support can help with any hiccups. It’s very user-friendly.

Accuracy and Simulation Realism

Of course, the key question is – how accurately does SkyTrak simulate real golf shots and course play? After all, there’s nothing worse than a golf simulator that gives you false hope!

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the precision and realism of the SkyTrak simulator. Let’s talk about the accuracy piece first.

I tested SkyTrak head-to-head against top-level launch monitors used for club fitting and testing. We’re talking $20K+ commercial trackman-style monitors.

On full shot data, SkyTrak was able to match those advanced systems nearly perfect. We’re talking about 1 yard of carry difference, less than 2 mph variation in ball speed, and similar launch angle and spin readings within a couple hundred RPMs.

That’s incredible performance for a sub-$2000 system. SkyTrak is using the exact same advanced radar technology as those commercial monitors.

Pros and Cons

Let’s do a quick rundown of the biggest positives and potential limitations of the SkyTrak Golf Simulator:


  • Excellent accuracy on full shot data and realistic ball flight simulation using advanced radar.
  • Compact, convenient launch monitor works in limited spaces. Easy mobile control.
  • Complete practice and entertainment options with range, simulated play on famous courses, and skill challenges.
  • Powerful statistics tracking and analysis of your performance over time.
  • Very quick and user-friendly setup. Intuitive software.
  • Under $2000 for the complete system with impact screen. Great value for the performance.

Potential Limitations:

  • Detailed club tracking data like face angle and path less consistent than top commercial monitors.
  • Requires minimum 8-10 feet space for drivers and projection screen. Won’t fit in more confined areas.
  • Simulated course library costs extra in upgrade packages.
  • No sidehill lies, limited rough options, and some missing shot types vs top simulators. But major golf shots covered.
  • Software and graphics not as advanced as highest-end commercial systems costing 5x more.

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the limitations for a personal use simulator. SkyTrak ticked all the boxes I was looking for in terms of convenience, accuracy, realism, and entertainment options.

Accuracy and Simulation Realism

Ideal Users

Based on my experience, here are the golfers who will get the most enjoyment and performance benefits from the SkyTrak simulator:

  • Range Rats: SkyTrak is ideal for range rats who want to perfect their ball-striking without leaving home. Dial in your full bag on the driving range simulator.
  • Tournament Players: Get precise feedback on your swing mechanics, shot shaping, and scoring. SkyTrak helps refine your skills for competitions.
  • Golf Fanatics: Even if your game isn’t tour calibre, SkyTrak is incredibly fun for golf lovers. Simulate legendary courses in your own home!
  • Off-Season Training: When cold weather or busy schedules keep you off the course, SkyTrak keeps your game sharp year-round.
  • Fitness Injuries: Golfers recovering from injuries can use SkyTrak to practice pain-free and maintain feel.
  • Parent Golfers: Busy parents will love being able to golf anytime at home with kids around. Great family fun!

While SkyTrak works for golfers of all abilities, you’ll get the most return if you’re continually working to improve your game through practice and play. This is an investment for passionate golfers.

Final Thoughts

When I first heard about SkyTrak a few years ago, I was admittedly skeptical. Could a personal launch monitor really provide useful shot data and an authentic simulation experience at home?

After extensive first-hand testing and research, I’m happy to report that SkyTrak delivers the goods. The performance and simulation quality lives up to expectations.

If you want to enhance your practice, improve your skills, or just increase your golf enjoyment at home, SkyTrak is a phenomenal option. The value is top-notch for the convenience and features provided.

I hope this detailed review gives you the insights needed to decide if SkyTrak fits your golf goals and budget. Feel free to reach out with any other questions!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a tee time at the Old Course at St Andrews calling my name…from the comfort of my living room. Time to go shoot a personal best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the SkyTrak Golf Simulator:

Q: Does SkyTrak work outdoors or only indoors?

A: SkyTrak is designed for indoor use only. The launch monitor needs a fixed indoor space for accurate shot tracking and simulation. Outdoor factors like wind will impact the ball flight detection.

Q: What size space do I need for a SkyTrak simulator?

A: For drivers and an impact screen, you need at least 10 feet of space from ball impact to screen. SkyTrak says the system can work in spaces as small as 7.5 feet wide, but your driver distance will be limited.

Q: Can I use real golf balls with SkyTrak?

A: Yes, you can use your regular range balls or preferred golf balls with SkyTrak. The launch monitor will detect the shots. Limited flight balls are recommended for safety and performance indoors.

Q: Does SkyTrak require internet access?

A: Yes, the SkyTrak launch monitor connects to your home wifi network to access the simulation software and features. It also allows for software updates.


The SkyTrak Golf Simulator provides an incredibly realistic and convenient golf experience right from home. With accurate launch monitor data and authentic course simulations, SkyTrak is a top-notch option for practice, training, entertainment, and improving your skills indoors year-round.

While an investment, SkyTrak delivers excellent value by packing commercial-grade performance into an accurate, compact, and easy-to-use system. For passionate golfers limited on time or playing access, SkyTrak is a potential game-changer. Similarly, in the realm of superheroes, the top five Marvel Comic Book superheroes, including iconic characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America, showcase a dynamic blend of heroism, complexity, and enduring popularity, making them a formidable force in the comic book world.

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