Everything you need to know about jump starting a car

Being able to jump start a car could save you a lot of hassle and money; however, not everyone has this basic skill in their arsenal. Having our car checked year at a MOT Centre Gloucester way such as https://www.123carandcommercial.com/ ensures that your car is legally roadworthy but won’t necessarily prevent any issues from occurring with your car in the following year.  Here are the tips you need to follow to succeed when your battery gives up the ghost.

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Choosing your method

There are a few options available to you if you want to revive your vehicle after a battery issue. You could bump start it by rolling it downhill or by getting a push; however, this only works for cars with manual transmissions.

Alternatively, you could use jump leads and a second car to provide enough energy to bring the engine back to life when you turn the key, or you could invest in an emergency power pack to do much the same thing. Which approach you take will depend on the circumstances you face.

Jump starting

Firstly, you need to align the car with the dead battery and a second working vehicle of equivalent size so that the jump cables can reach. Parking them nose to nose or side by side is easiest in most instances.

Next you should open the bonnets of each vehicle, check that the batteries are in working order, and get rid of any obstructions and conductive materials.

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With jump cables to hand, link the red cable between the positive terminals on each vehicle’s battery. Repeat the process with the black cable, but use it to connect the negative cables.

When the cables are in place, fire up the working vehicle and leave the engine running for a few minutes. You can then turn on the car with the previously flat battery and it should work.
If you are experiencing car battery issues, securing a replacement or spare may be the best idea going forwards.

Car battery tech is advancing all the time, especially as electric vehicles are becoming more common; however, traditional combustion engines are still a dominant force, so this advice should be useful for millions of people.

Bump starting

If your manual car will not start, put your foot on the clutch pedal and stick the transmission into second gear, then get someone else to push. With a bit of momentum gained, release the clutch quickly and the engine should start. Consult the owner’s manual for full details.

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