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How to Choose Curtain Fabric, Colours and Patterns

  1. Texture

You can choose the right texture for your curtains by considering the mood in the room. If you’re looking for something formal, go with a weighty silk or velveteen but be aware that these are only dry-cleanable. Silk rayon mixes, cotton sateen, as well as other practical fabrics (often machine washable) are also available. Billowy linens (generally only dry-clean) and crinkly textured crushed velvet are great for a more casual look. Cottons and blends of cotton are versatile and can be used with any decor. They also give a neat, crisp look. Woollen fabrics and blends, which are seasonless, work well too. There is a great deal of choice so think about your preferences and what mood you wish to create in the space.

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  1. Colour

Decide if the curtains should melt into the decor, or make a statement. For a well blended look, opt for curtains in the same colour chosen for the walls, but some shades lighter, or a subtle, background shade (such as a rug’s soft tone). If you want to make a statement, a bold colour can be used as an exclamation mark. Keep in mind, too, that if the sun is shining through your curtains and you haven’t lined them up, the colour can infuse a room. Pink can seem cheerful; blue is often considered cold so consider whether you will have lined or unlined curtains. For Curtains Cheltenham, visit https://laskeys.com/bespoke-curtains/curtains-cheltenham/

  1. Patterns and Prints

Solid curtains are best if you have furniture or bedding with patterns (or an elaborate rug). Consider curtains with a pattern if you have bedding or furniture in solid colours. If you want to add a touch of pzazz and style, pick smaller prints that are neutral, like paisley or dots. It will appear like a texture. It can be daring to use a large graphic print that matches the decor.

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What length should curtains be?

If there is a radiator or a sill that’s too deep to fit in, then floor-length panels are the ideal solution. Panels are available from 63 inches to 144. Round up the measurement from the floor until the place where you will position the rod. If needed, they can be hemmed by the dry cleaner. The fabric should be gently kissing the floor, sill or radiator to give it a modern look. Too short and the curtains can look nerdy, off and ruin the pleasing aesthetic you are seeking.

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