Types of Magnetic Stirrers

A magnetic stirrer moves a stir bar in liquid samples with the help of a rotating magnetic field. As the stir bar moves rapidly and agitates the sample, the sample is thoroughly mixed. Magnetic fields can be customized according to the specific sample being stirred by adjusting the speed of the magnetic field. For maximum protection against magnetic field interference, using these stirrers in beakers made of glass or other non-metal is recommended.

Magnetic stirrers come in several types depending on the application, size, and configuration you choose. Here are the different types of magnetic stirrers to choose from:

Magnetic Mini Stirrer

Magnetic stirrers used in laboratories are compact and require less space. They are equipped with electronic controls that can be used to control speed with greater precision. In the laboratory, it is resistant to corrosive and hazardous chemicals. The stirrer’s speed can be controlled by its speed regulator.

Magnetic Stirrer with Timer

The magnetic stirrer with a timer shuts the motor off automatically after a period. It consists of an in-built timer that switches off the stirrer once the selected period is over.

Heavy-Duty Magnetic Stirrers

Heavy-duty magnetic stirrers have higher mixing capacities. They are highly durable and come with good chemical resistance. They are one of the best instruments to achieve accurate results in a laboratory. Heating magnetic stirrers are important in most chemical reactions.

Battery Powered Magnetic Stirrer

A battery-powered magnetic stirrer is used either when there is no power supply or in sensitive areas. They work on batteries and are used mostly in incubators. They have rubber feet that provide them with stabilization.

Air Operated Turbine Magnetic Stirrer

An air-operated turbine magnetic stirrer is great to mix up to one liter of solution. It employs a low-pressure air supply for powering it. One crucial aspect of this magnetic stirrer is that it prevents the dangerous sparking hazards that arise from electrical sources.

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