During the past few years, you have probably heard a lot about something called the cloud. While you might think we are talking about the clouds in the sky, we are actually talking about a virtual cloud that exists in the digital world. If you run a business and wouldContinue Reading

how to block hackers from my phone

The smartphone has now become one of the most used technological devices today. Photos, messages, passwords, everything passes from our mobile phone, and it is precisely this that makes it a succulent prey for hackers. A hacker is a person who exploits what are the weaknesses of a computer systemContinue Reading

video call applications

How many different applications or plugins have you installed, configured and used to carry out all these activities? WebEx, Skype, Teams, Zoom, Jitsi, WhatsApp, Houseparty or Hangouts / Meet? How safe is it to have these products installed on your computer or mobile? And use them?Continue Reading

how to set homepage on android phone

Google is the search engine par excellence and not surprisingly the most used in the world, so much so that it has acquired, over the years from which it has been made accessible, billions of dollars worth. Therefore on classic PCs, when you access your browser, everyone is used toContinue Reading