Arenavision: Quick Guide and Free Alternatives Available

Arenavisión is a website that contains a wide variety of sports links. It is often used by many users to view these types of events through links for SopCast (less and less) and Acestream. 44 channels are available to broadcast sports events in HD from all over the world. Here, you will find the complete guide to know everything about the portal in question.

Topics we will discuss below:

  • Arenavision not working?
  • How do I access it?
  • How is Arenavision used?
  • What are the best alternatives to Arenavision?
  • Arenavision is legal?

Arenavision not working?

In addition to being blocked through operators’ DNS, the platform is now receiving a DDoS attack while the match facing Real Madrid and PSG are being held. The web is not working right now.

This has been confirmed by the Twitter account of Arenavision, whose tweet has reached almost the end of the first half. There were users complaining that the website did not work since before the start of the game. And it had nothing to do with operators blocking Arenavision.

Massive DDoS attack to our hosting provider. The site will be up as soon as they fixed their security issues. Congrats to people who accessed before 8:40 pm CET

As they report, the hosting that hosts the websites of Arenavision with its different domains ( .us, .in, .ru, .tk, .cf , etc.) is down, affecting all the subdomains with which the website has to skip blockages or avoid problems. In the tweet they report that they are working to restore the service. It has been down since 20:40. The users who had achieved the links before were lucky.

And apparently the fall has nothing to do with the massive influx of users to find links to a game like today, with great interest. A massive influx does not begin to saturate the website just like that, and they are fully certain that it has been a massive DDoS attack.

DDoS attacks are increasingly an industry solution against piracy

It is not known where the attack could have come from. Everything seems to indicate that they have probably been companies that have interests in which the party is seen by legal means. The industry is trying to throw torrent websites through these types of attacks, as we mentioned last September.

In addition, performing a DDoS attack is relatively simple. Especially since there are more and more devices connected to the Internet and easy to hack if they don’t have the security up to date. An example of this we saw with the famous Mirai botnet.

If Arenavision does not prepare for more attacks of this type, we could see how these situations are repeated every time there is a sporting event of this caliber. We will update the news as soon as the web is accessible again.


How to log in?

The site has not closed at all, but its domain name, on the recommendation of the judicial authority, is often removed from the DNS servers of our operators. So even if the site is there and fully functional, if you try to reach it, you will see the ” Unable to reach the site” page (as per screen).

On the DNS servers of our operators, there are many blocked sites to access it. The trick is to change them with valid international solutions: those of Google, Cloudflare, or OpenDNS. These solutions allow you to circumvent the DNS block and navigate even faster (the Italian DNS servers are indeed not distinguished by speed).

So unlocking the site, change the DNS. We have dedicated a guide to the topic. Once the DNS has been modified, simply search on Google for “Arenavision” and press on the address (we avoid putting the direct link because it often varies due to the blocks).

Another practical solution and even more effective against any territorial block is to use a VPN service. An excellent service, referenced and without log, allows you to browse and download quickly, avoid any censorship and hide your IP address (thus safeguarding your privacy).

We have dedicated an appreciated article to the best VPN services of this type, and we have reviewed several of them, such as NordVPN, IPVanish, Hidester, and SurfShark.

How is Arenavision used?

Using the site is simple: First of all, you need to have a client capable of reproducing Ace stream streams. To properly configure your devices for the reception, please consult.

Arenavision events

It is sufficient to reach the page, as explained in the previous paragraph. Go to the menu at the top under the heading “Events Guide.” This is the page that contains the whole schedule. Scroll down to find the event of interest to see exactly which TV channels will be broadcast and in which language.

Once the channel has been identified, it will be time to reach it: just go back to the site menu and select it. Once the channel page is open, press ” Open in devices ” to start the flow pre-loading automatically.

If it does not start automatically, just go to “Open in devices” before, click with the right button, and in the contextual menu, click on “Copy link address.” Once the stream address is obtained, start Player, then press on “Media” and then on “Open Ace Stream Controller ID.” In the window that opens, paste the address, and click on “Play.”

Arenavision cannot be used as a mobile, the site is not responsive, and the menus do not work correctly. It is better to use the alternatives to use Acestream channels also on Android and iOS.

What are the best alternatives to Arenavision?

alternatives to Arenavision

The first alternative is Avezy Sport. It contains all the Arenavision flows within a click or tap. The site collects updated P2P streams and merges them with the events calendar. It has a simple and minimal interface, excellent also for mobile and TV remote control:

Reaching the site is simple: ust go to this address or search for his name on Google. If it is unattainable, you should change your DNS, as explained in the first paragraph of this guide you are reading.

For Android, a similar alternative is an Arena4viewer app, free, up-to-date, and easy to install that allows you to start each channel with a tap. You can learn more by consulting the official website.

Other excellent alternative portals to find Acestream flows are:

Livefootballol – it is a portal in English always updated and productive inflows;

Rojadirecta – is the mythical football site in streaming, it also offers a good number of P2P flows;

LiveTV – it is undoubtedly another site in English, very interesting for those who love P2P streaming;

Redstream – this is another interesting site, which in the most important events also offers Acestream flows to follow the races.

Sometimes these sites are blocked and change address, you can find them by quickly searching for their name on Google.

Arenavision is legal?

No, it is not, for this, it is periodically blocked. The portal is illegal because it does not show any interest in rights. So let’s see the events even to those who have not paid to do so.

Changing your DNS and directly accessing the site is not a crime. It is equally obvious that by violating the rights of someone, by seeing some events in streaming, you commit a crime.

Although the Arenavision channels are right, we also remind you you will not have the commentary. It will be difficult to have perfect streaming.


Those who use P2P channels are not merely doing streaming, but while they are watching they reshuffle and make their position worse before the law. Some well-known international sites and the online vulgate invite you not to care and have a VPN service to be untraceable. Instead, we want to strongly urge you to abandon piracy, and to use legal alternatives (which fortunately exist, such as NowTV and Dazn ).

Using these sites is morally acceptable only if you want to follow arena vision events. It is not otherwise visible in our country and that nobody has acquired the rights to reproduce on our territory.

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