How To Raise a Horse

Horses are beautiful animals that are fun to ride as well as hard workers when they are needed. If you are a new owner, there are several things you need to do to keep your new friend safe and loved. Here are few things to prepare for as you raise your horse.

Space To Live and Play

To have a horse, you will need a large, spacious plot of land for them to run. The ground should be analyzed for holes that the horse could trip on and for greenery that might make them sick. Clear out objects that they could get hurt on such as machinery or garbage. Build a sturdy fence around the property to keep the animal in and to keep elements that might harm them out. When the weather is less than ideal, they should have a warm place indoors to stay safe. You can construct a stable from an old barn, steel buildings lewiston id, or a shed. Design a stable to keep your horse safe from others and ensure that their area is cleaned out daily. Lay fresh hay on the floor every time the maintenance is completed. There should also be a trough for food and water and a long stretch of space so they can exercise.

Taking Care of Your Horse

When you do feed your animal, give it a blend of hay, cereals, grain, and supplements. Gauge its weight and the activity it will be doing to determine how much you should give them and when they should eat. You can also offer treats to them especially if they have done a task well. Brush your horse every day. Lay a hand on the animal as you do so and be gentle with your strokes. Remove any debris and mud that has gotten into its hooves and analyze how its feet look as you do so.

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