Find Your Favorite Foundation Type

Liquid foundations work well for the most types of skin. There are oil-based and water-based make-up formulas. The water-based foundation usually contains some silicon oil and spreads easily and smoothly at the face. This make-up foundation provides light coverage and looks more naturally compared with oil-based foundation.

The oil based foundations fit for dry and wrinkled face. Being greasy oil based makeup promotes to saturate the skin with moisture that makes such type of skin look wet. It is rather waterproof, and gives the most opaque coverage; though it can get smeared, blur, darkening or oxidizing with the times.

Cake or stick foundations come in solid forms and fit an oily skin. Due to their thick matted texture these foundations serves to conceal defects and scars. Such solid foundation is applied for some occasions. In case person has a combination of oily and dry skin, cream-to-powder based foundation fits the best for such type of skin.

Mineral foundations are appropriate for all skin types; they provide sunscreen and a moist fresh look. Being medicated these foundations are also used to get rid from pimples and acne.

One more type of medicated foundation is spray foundation. This foundation come in different shades and can keep the makeup for long hours. It can be refreshed by spraying over makeup. Also spray foundation is applied for scars and post surgical skin as well. You can acquire any high quality cosmetics with medicine effect online for instance, use Canadian Pharmacy.

Powder-based foundation beginning from Max Factors’ Pan Cake includes powder, wax, pigment, emollients and skin adhesion agents to the formula. This foundation provides a perfect appearance and can be changed from light to full coverage.

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