Extreme Weather Is Increasing. Here’s How You Can Help Minimize It’s Impact on Your Family

The scientific community has reached a consensus that climate change is a contributing factor to altered weather patterns. Storms are growing stronger and wetter; fires are raging longer, hotter and more out of control than ever before; and extended periods of extreme heat are forcing residents on every continent to face this new climate reality. While stopping the progression is an ideal solution, it will take time and a concerted effort. However, things you can do to keep yourself and your family safe in the meantime.

Have an Evacuation Plan

If you live somewhere that is impacted by extreme weather — i.e. typhoons and hurricanes, wildfires, tornados or excessive heat — then you know how difficult it can be to get out of the area when evacuations are ordered. Take time to develop a plan ahead of time. Keep necessary supplies packaged and ready to grab in the event a quick exit is needed. Establish a line of communication so you can check in with each other if you are separated. Perhaps most importantly, however, heed warnings and get out or to shelter if things look like they will be getting bad.

Evaluate Your Insurance Coverage

Standard homeowner’s policies often exclude natural disasters. Ask your agent about flood, earthquake or fire coverage and see if you need to add it. Knowing damages will be covered takes one major concern off your mind when disaster strikes.

Plan the Return

When it is time to return, you will face some hard choices, starting with whether you want to rebuild in the same spot or call it time to move on. If you decide to rebuild, reach out to local contractors for the work. They know the best way to minimize flood damage and reseed wildfire burn areas southern California.

There is no denying that weather events are becoming more extreme. While the planet works to reduce human impact on climate, you can take steps to prepare in case a disaster strikes your home.

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