How Is SEO Changing for E-Commerce Businesses?

Keeping up to date with emerging SEO trends is absolutely crucial for any e-commerce business that wants to get to, and remain at, the top of its game.

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With technology advancing and adapting at lightning-fast speed, we’ve been taking a look at the current changes taking place within the industry.

Voice Search Will Become Prevalent

According to an article in Forbes, voice search is set to be the next big thing in SEO. Rather than typing short, disjointed phrases into the search field, users will be asking questions and using sentences to interact with the internet. This will employ a different approach to using keywords, which businesses need to prepare for.

AMP Will Be Non-Negotiable

AMP, otherwise known as Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a way of making mobile pages load faster and providing users with a better online experience. Whereas HTML is best suited to large screen sizes of devices such as desktop computers and laptops, AMP provides more stripped-down and pared-back web pages, perfect for the smaller screens of mobiles and tablets.

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With the massive rise in smartphone use, businesses must acknowledge that the majority of their potential customers will be using portable devices to interact with websites. Mobile-first SEO techniques are absolutely crucial nowadays, so if your site isn’t already optimised for portable devices, this is something that needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Seek advice from a company, such as Elevate UK professional SEO services London, who can guide you through the process as easily and painlessly as possible. When it comes to professional SEO services London probably has the widest selection of options, but most large towns and cities should throw up at least a couple of options.

User Experience Is Key

Your business might be all about turnover and profits, but as far as the search engines are concerned your website is all about the quality of experience that your site visitors can expect. Flawless graphics, intuitive navigation and lightning-fast loading speeds are all important aspects of any good SEO strategy, as well as careful selection of keywords. Users clicking away from your website in frustration is something that Google and the other search engines are quick to pick up on, and rest assured that they will penalise any guilty sites accordingly.

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