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How to wear jeans in the office?

Jeans in the office- Enter any closet, of any girl, regardless of age and style. They all have something in common: that jeans is a basic garment . You can use it tight, loose, leg elephant, skinny, high or low waist, should I continue ?. This garment is the most versatile of all. The meaning of your jeans will depend on how you combine it. Jeans at work? Then I will give you the necessary tips so you can go to the office with your favorite jeans without looking carefree.

Guide to Wearing Jeans at Work

the jeans in the office


  • Pitiless or elephant foot: The most important thing in the form of jeans is that you go with a formal shoe, which does not necessarily have to be high heels. Ideally, when someone sees you, do not think you go to the supermarket with the first thing you got. If you are going to choose the elephant foot , I recommend using it with tacos. Skinny can go well with any shoe, low sandals, pointed flats or studs.
  • Color of jeans: Here you have to be careful, you can not use any color. Black and navy blue give a more formal and neutral touch. White is also a great option. If your work is a bit conservative, I recommend that you stay in that range of colors. But if you work in a place where there is no dress code, play with the different options delivered by the jeans.
  • High or low shot: It depends on your body and comfort. I recommend the high shot because they stylize a bit. They look great with a white blouse tucked inside and a maxi collar with strong colors. If you prefer the low shot, I hope the blouses are a little lower than the waist. This way you will avoid showing that annoying little roll that is marked.

What should go under any circumstance accompanying your jeans is a blazer. There is a range of colors that will give you many options. There are them for winter and summer, so make sure you never miss !. Keep reading Try These Fabrics for a Gorgeous Evening Gown

Ideas to wear jeans in the office without losing style

best jeans in the office

Jeans are a garment that many of us love. They are versatile and comfortable, so we want to take them everywhere. However, going from jeans to the office is not always the best. Or at least it is not if you take them broken or do not take care of other important details to keep you looking fixed and very stylish.

  • Of course, it will not be the ideal look for an important meeting, but if your dress code allows it or you have a “jeans Friday” check these ideas to keep you looking pretty good in the office and wear that garment that you like.
  • Use accessories that give you that interesting touch: You can combine your bag with some flirty heels and you will achieve magic.
  • If you can wear tennis too, combine it with a white shirt and a matching clutch.
  • Take advantage of the nude colors to highlight your outfit.
  • A sweater and booties can also be an excellent option.
  • Do not forget that a blazer can change your whole look.
  • Never underestimate the power of accessories. Choose a nice necklace and 10 shoes.
  • Light-colored jeans will also make the outfit look relaxed and neat at the same time.
  • Or you can even opt for a completely denim look.

Looks with jeans in the office

wear jeans in the office

Undoubtedly jeans are one of the most versatile pieces we have in our wardrobe. Since those days when you want to relax at home; even those you want to impress; This garment can be worn at any time. So, do you have to take them to the office ? Clear! As long as the dress code allows it.

If you are one of those lucky ones, looks with jeans in the  office that will allow you to be comfortable and shine with your style at the same time. Take note!


  • If your style is identified with celebs like Gwen Stefani or Riana , you do not have to sacrifice it!
  • The key to wearing jeans to the office is to be skinny and not broken. Pair them with a white button-down shirt and a biker jacket to keep the air rough.
  • Keep your neutral look with black ankle boots and a maxi bag in the same tone, so you can load everything you need and go from one side to another without sacrifices.


  • If anyone has shown that turtle necks are not reserved for older women, this is Kendall Jenner.
  • Just like her, dare to incorporate this type of blouse in your looks with jeans for the office.
  • Choose a sleeveless version for the hot season; and if you feel it is too much for your work, choose a patterned jacket to finish the look. The pictures will always be an infallible option to look chic.


  • Did you get up late? Have a super original long coat on hand and you can put together an ideal look for the office in a few minutes.
  • Since nobody will see what’s underneath, you’ll just need to put on some jeans and a white T-Shirt underneath. Add shoes in neutral tones and you’re ready to go.
  • If you live in a hot place, choose a sleeveless jacket . Of the most versatile!


  • Give a spin to this classic outfit with shoes and bag in bright colors. See how red gives a nice complement to this look with jeans for the office.
  • Of course, take good care of the proportions when putting together this look, always choose skinny jeans and reach the ankle with an oversize sack.
  • If you are petite, the option is to hem your pants or fold them twice so they do not wrinkle.


  • The white pants will become one of your best allies to build looks with jeans for the office.
  • Take your most romantic side with a peach or baby blue top and add comfortable sandals. You will look stylish and comfortable at the same time.
  • We decipher what boyfriend jeans go to your figure!
  • The cherry of the cake? A mini bag in the same tone. Perfect for those unforeseen meetings outside the office.

Finally, jeans in the office- the week advances and you do not know what to wear! You look at your wardrobe and nothing convinces you. In that moment when you throw all your clothes out the window, jeans or jeans become your lifeline. Think no more! When combined properly, they are perfect for going to work! Or do you still doubt its versatility?

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