Keeping your office floor looking good as new

You’ve invested in a stylish wooden floor. It looks immaculate and has immediately left your home feeling airy, light and clean. Compared to carpet, wood floors are incredibly low maintenance. However, you do need to make some modifications to prevent scratch marks that destroy the surface of your flooring.

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Modify furniture that gets moved a lot

Things like coffee tables and desk and Operator Chairs from places such as https://www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/office-chairs/operator-chairs/  get pushed around a lot. To avoid them scraping across the floor and causing scratches, you will have to modify the feet of these items, or buy them from a reputable supplier as mentioned to ensure the feet and wheels are suitable for hardwood flooring. The best and most effective way of doing this is to use felt, cork or rubber pads on the bottoms of the feet. These will still allow some movement but will prevent unsightly scratches on your perfectly engineered wood flooring. You can also purchase purpose-made rubber chair and table legs to prevent this problem.

If you are on a budget or want to try a temporary or DIY version of this technique, you can stick business-card-sized cardboard rectangles to the base of your chair and table legs, or tie cellophane or small plastic bags to the legs. However, these options won’t look as stylish! See http://homeguides.sfgate.com/way-prevent-chair-scratches-floor-105045.html for more advice.

Make your light furniture easier to move

For items like chairs and hostess trolleys or other moveable items the answer may be to enable free movement. You can mount trolleys, blocks and light coffee tables on casters, and the right product will enable complete ease of movement. However, some argue that grit gets trapped in these little wheels, resulting in more scratching! It is important to discuss any floor care with the manufacturer and flooring installer.

Glider pads are a great idea because they promote ease of movement and are completely invisible. You can purchase them from your dealer or local DIY shop.

Moving heavy furniture

If you need to move a heavy piece of furniture, place all of its feet on cloths or small towels. If the surface area in contact with your wooden floors is large, such as that of a blanket box, use a rug underneath. Just be sure to place the soft side down as the rug’s back can be abrasive.

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