Underlining the ways to protect your grills and BBQs with the right cover

It goes beyond saying that grill covers bolster and prolong the life of your BBQ. With the right covers, you can keep the grill clean and dry. Its finish will look anew. But, there’s always an argument in this regard. Grill covers trap water and moisture, which can cause mold and mildew.

  • It all begins with basic maintenance. You need to remove ashes from the frill, clean the grates, remove excess grime or grit, and wipe down each of its surfaces.
  • If you maintain it properly, there’s no way mold can develop inside the grill. The best thing to do in terms of bolstering your BBQ covers is to put a silicone water-guard, and dry it before using it again.

Regardless of the brand or quality, most BBQ covers repeal water when they are new. But weather conditions and the Sun eventually tires and depletes it. If you spray the new cover with some silicone after unboxing it, it greatly improves the cover’s water-repealing properties.

Choosing the right cover

If you’re using a Weber grill, it’s in your best interests to purchase a proper grill cover that fits into the appliance. First thing first, bbq covers can keep your appliance looking new for years to come.

  • You need to cover the appliance after each use after cooling it down. Shun the myth that a grill cover encourages rusting.
  • You must cover stainless-steel grills for ensuring that lawn chemicals and auxiliary corrosive agents don’t affect the metal and damage it.
  • Avoid grill covers with flannel lines or felt lines because squirrels and mice can use the fabric as nesting resource.
  • They will eventually tear away the fabric, putting your cover in tatters. Instead, go for unlined oilcloth, polyester, and vinyl or weather-proof, sturdy nylon covers.
  • Third-party grill covers are popular with some people. They aren’t that costly either. However, flimsy covers deteriorate and deplete after each season. It’d be prudent to invest in a more expensive and premium cover.
  • The downside to a third-party grill cover is that it’s heavy and thick. It’s difficult to wrangle it off the grill.

You can also buy custom grill covers if you’ve a non-standard BBQ.

Things to remember

Grilling steaks necessitate a very hot grill. You need to high heat your meals of a gas grill for the initial 15 minutes of the burn life of charcoal. Gas grills aren’t as hot and burning as charcoal. They usually hover between 400-500 degrees Fahrenheit to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your steaks are medium-rare, you need to sear the steak’s exterior. It gives that smoky flavor and attractive grill marks. Gently heat your steak in medium flame. There are reasons why people use a very hot grill. It reduces flare-ups.

Apart from the counter-intuitive aspects, a burning hot grill can sear the meat before the fat gets time and bandwidth to ignite and melt, which then coats or covers your steak with a smoky flavor. This flavor is pretty acrid.

In the event of a flare-up, just move the grilling steak to the appliance’s cooler side.

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