video call applications

How many different applications or plugins have you installed, configured and used to carry out all these activities? WebEx, Skype, Teams, Zoom, Jitsi, WhatsApp, Houseparty or Hangouts / Meet? How safe is it to have these products installed on your computer or mobile? And use them?Continue Reading


With the ever-evolving technology, you can do virtually anything with a tap or a click of a button. Adopting an active and healthy lifestyle, for instance, no longer requires trips to your neighborhood gym and fitness center as you can conveniently achieve such results in the comfort of your home.Continue Reading

How to Use Automath Apk

AutoMath is an Android application that solves mathematical formulas by taking pictures of them. Its functionality is simple and useful and can help in different ways: studying for exams, ensuring that exercises can be done or helping to verify calculations at work. This guide has everything you need to knowContinue Reading

Make money investing in apps

It is no longer surprising how much the number of smartphones increases every year. Smartphones uses have dramatically increased throughout the world. More and more apps are developing to meet consumers demand. With that in mind, we list five reasons that prove how to make money investing in apps market.Continue Reading