Did You Know These Green Energy Facts?

Attention is increasingly being drawn to the risks of burning fossil fuels as a source of energy. As people look for new cleaner forms of power, investment in and use of green energy have soared. It is becoming increasingly apparent that renewables are an important part of the future, and here is why.

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It Has a Long History

Renewable energy is not a new thing. Geothermal energy was first utilised by the Romans, who used the warm air flowing through their walls and floor to keep their homes heated. Solar energy has its origins in the photoelectric effect, which was discovered by Albert Einstein in the 1920s. He even won the Nobel Prize for it.

It Is the Future

According to the WWF, if society makes the necessary changes we will be able to use green power for all our energy needs by 2050. By this point, it is likely that solar power may the most dominant from of energy. Whether you are looking for full-time power for your business or generator rental for when mains power is unavailable, it is likely you are going to be relying on renewables.

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It Is Growing in Value

In 2019, the green energy industry reached $777.5 billion in value across the world. Demand is constantly increasing, and that, along with ongoing developments in the technology, is allowing costs to fall. It is also increasing its share of the overall energy market, with 40% of electricity in Britain coming from renewables last year.

There Are Regional Variations in the Type of Energy Used

The most appropriate type of renewable energy for your region may depend the area. In Iceland, which has large amounts of volcanic activity and heat trapped underground, 100% of its energy comes from either geothermal or hydroelectric sources. In the UK, maybe 25% of the country is living somewhere where using heat pumps to supply geothermal heating is a viable option. Generators, however, can be available anywhere in Britain if you ask where can I rent a generator?

One of the greatest sources of hydroelectric power is found in South America. The Itaipu Dam does not just supply Paraguay with 76% of its electricity but is also responsible for 17% of power in neighbouring Brazil. That is 67.5 million tonnes of CO2 being replaced every year.

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