Procedures to put into place in the event of a chemical spillage

The most important procedure around the spillage of a harmful chemical is the necessity to render it harmless and dispose of the contamination safely. Having professional Chemical Spill Kits available to counteract any harmful chemical spill is a priority and these specialist kits can be easily obtained from companies such as https://hydepark-environmental.com/spill-response/spill-kits/chemical.  These spills not only include harmful chemicals but things like, Oils, Solvents, Bodily Fluids, Fuels, Sewage and Cooking Oils to name just a few.

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There are specific regulations in place to control the use and safety of anyone working with dangerous chemicals and these are written and updated on a regular basis by the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, this is all under the acronym COSHH, the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. Any working environment where there is a potential danger must have a COSHH risk assessment in place. This plan of action will be put into effect immediately should an accident occur. If these procedures are adhered to closely any possible danger will be neutralised and the workforce protected from harm.

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It’s not only the possible contamination from chemicals that could prove harmful to anybody who comes into contact with it by touch, by breathing in any dangerous fumes there is the possibility of serious lung damage, or any liquid spills could cause a potentially fatal slip or fall. Thorough training should be in place for every member of a workforce where there is a danger of chemical spillage.

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