Six books written by Alastair Campbell

A colourful career in politics combined with a love of writing have given Alastair Campbell the perfect ingredients to pen a number of bestselling books. The PR guru has a total of 18 books to his name, including several novels. His life in politics as the right-hand man to Tony Blair has provided much of the source material for his work. Here are six key books written by Mr Campbell.
The Blair Years: Extracts from the Alastair Campbell Diaries

In 2007, Mr Campbell released the bombshell diaries he kept while spokesperson and strategist for Tony Blair. The Blair Years covers major events from Blair’s appointment as Labour Party leader in 1994 to the Hutton Inquiry in 2003. The book became an instant Sunday Times bestseller and was described as ‘utterly compelling’ by critics. Eight subsequent volumes of diaries were published.

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The Irish Diaries

This special edition of Mr Campbell’s diaries focuses on the Northern Ireland peace process, often cited as one of the Blair government’s biggest successes. The tensions, negotiations and personality clashes involved are all described in honest detail.

Living Better: How I Learned to Survive Depression

Mr Campbell has always spoken openly about his battle with depression and this is his honest and moving account of that lifelong struggle. In it, he explores his childhood and relationships, the impact of his career and possible treatments for depression. One of two personal memoirs about depression, Living Better became a Sunday Times bestseller.

Winners and How They Succeed

Mr Campbell, who is editor at large of, uses his knowledge of politics and love of sport to examine what makes a winner. The book seeks to understand the psychology of those who succeed in achieving their ambitions. Sports stars, entrepreneurs, leaders and media aficionados were interviewed to help create a blueprint for success.


Published in February 2010, Maya is the second of four novels written by Mr Campbell. This thriller looks at the psychology of fame, its impact on a person and those around them. The novel focuses on the lifelong friendship between Steve Watkins and Maya Lowe, who has become one of the world’s biggest movie stars.

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Saturday Bloody Saturday

Burnley fan Mr Campbell’s fourth novel centres around one of his greatest passions- football. It is a gripping thriller centred on a football manager and his struggling team, set against a turbulent political landscape.

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