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How to find a comfortable bra?

When we want to buy lingerie, all we ask the same question: how to find a comfortable bra what is the most comfortable bra?  You will find some tips and some models we recommend if you are looking for comfort and elegance at the same time.

Every time we turn to our lingerie drawer, we find a collection of bras of different shapes and colors, but we always end up putting one or two in particular, aware that the chosen one is the most comfortable bra. It is not like this?

Without a doubt, the perfect comfortable bra is the one that fulfills its function and is like a second skin: soft, it does not stick, it does not press you and it does not move excessively. Every time we go shopping, we always fall into the temptation to prioritize the aesthetic and sexy about what we really need . Then we repent and end up giving it to the friend or sister on duty. So, the question we all ask ourselves is, what is the most comfortable bra?

Now comfortable clothes are fashionable, which can be as sexy and elegant as any other style. Women today want to feel good with ourselves and not feel confused as in other times of history, we know how important it is in our day to day wear a quality bra, well finished and comfortable. In this way we will avoid many health problems: according to specialists, the simple fact that the hoop clicks can cause skin problems, lumps of fat, back pain, migraines or postural deformations.

 We are going to give you the keys that you should take into account when choosing the perfect comfortable bra for your body, but if you want to save time in the search, we recommend you try the ZERO FEEL line from slogging . Your bras provide all the support you need without leaving marks. Moreover, they are seamless, therm sold off, made with exclusive fabric microdots slogging that allows the fastener follow any movement of the body. ZERO Feel slogging is specially designed for girls who want comfort at all times,

for those who have nothing to show, only to feel good about themselves, and since comfort is not at odds with good taste and elegance, you can find ZERO FEEL bras in two versions: top and Alterable . Here are some pictures of the collection so you can go choosing your favorite bra or set! Keep reading 5 Hot Wearable Spring Fashion Trends for 2018

Top keys to choose the most comfortable bra

best comfortable bra

#1. Always buy your size , no bigger, no smaller. The cup should fit your contour without leaving the chest and the rear adjustments should be a little loose so they do not mark or hurt you. Thus, a trick you can take into account is that the adjustment of the band that surrounds the contour of the thorax should allow, once fastened, that you can slide between the band and the back two fingers with ease.

#2. The straps should be tight but not dig into your shoulders or leave marks. First you must adjust the band and then the straps.

#3. The cup should also adapt perfectly to the shape of your chest without protruding or pressing too hard. Whether the cup is too big or small, aesthetically it will be reflected in your clothes and will not make you feel comfortable. Even if it’s a top, it should never be too tight.

#4. The bra ring should be only on the contour of the breast, without going to the middle of the chest and, of course, can not dig into your skin. More and more women choose not to wear bras with a hoop and the truth that today in the market you can find clothes that are just as nice and aesthetic with your clothes without having the uncomfortable hoop. The ZERO FEEL line by sloggi provides you with all the support you need without resorting to the hoop, as the technology and the fabric you use for your designs ensure a fully effective support.

#5. It is not advisable to buy bras, or any other garment, during menstruation, because as you know, we retain more fluids and our body and our breasts may be a little more swollen.

#6. If you really want a comfortable garment, forget about the seams, so they will not be marked through your clothes, nor will they leave marks on your skin.

#7. There are bras for every moment of our life and adapted to the special needs of each woman because our breast also changes over time, for example, when we are pregnant, when we are breastfeeding our children, if we have suffered a breast operation, to play sports , etc. Therefore, always choose according to your circumstances.

#8. It is not advisable to use the same bra several days in a row, you have to “let it rest” and allow the fabric to recover its elasticity.

#9. To wash your lingerie items you should always use delicate programs of your washing machine or do it by hand. We do not advise you to use the dryer. If you wash your bras and panties with the rest of your laundry, better do it in special bags for lingerie. You will avoid spoiling them before.

#10. Use a special bra to sleep so that the chest does not fall and do not lose its beautiful natural shape.

Apply these tips and your chest will remain firm, beautiful and healthy. Now that you have the ideas to choose the perfect bra, how about taking a look at this selection of nightgowns? Your lingerie closet will be irresistible!

Know the types of bra and its characteristics

top comfortable bra

Once the doubts about the sizing have been clarified, it is important to know what kind of fasteners there are and what characteristics and benefits they can provide depending on our type of breast. Before delving into the types of support, we review the two most popular groups in which we can classify fasteners: bras

with or without hoops

That curved rod that we call rim is the cause of the rounded shape of the cups of the fasteners. Today, many of these models include removable hoops that can be easily removed to give different uses such as sleeping or resting. The fasteners that do not carry this rod are called “without rings”. Now it is very common to find models in which the ring has been replaced by a simulated foam, getting the same rounded shape. In recent years, these bras have gained great fame as there are many women who do not end up feeling 100% comfortable with rod holders.

Fasteners with or without filling

The choice of filling depends on the volume and shape of the chest, the neckline and the need to “fill” that we choose for our bust. Padded bras reposition the chest and shape its shape. However, there are also bras that round the chest without the need for padding.

Bra types according to their pattern and characteristics

discover comfortable bra


fasteners are fasteners that do not have any special features. They can carry or not happening the same with the filling. They tend to be plain fabrics, cups with light fills and simple necklines. They perform the function for which they are manufactured: hold and keep the chest in place. They can also be found with lace and lace to give them a more sophisticated and feminine touch.

Which women should use basic bras?

Anyone with a medium size and firm chest that does not need any special feature. Young women who start using bras when the breast volume already suggests it.

Large capacity fasteners

The high-capacity bras are designed to hold and hold bulky and heavy breasts. They are made of extra-resistant fabrics with high and deep cups that collect all the volume of the chest, to ensure a strong hold on the day to day. In addition, thanks to the extra support provided by their wider straps, they ease the weight of the chest and facilitate the mobility and comfort of the wearer.

Which women should use high capacity bras?

They are perfect for women with large breasts (cups C, D, E, etc.) that need to have a good grip without sacrificing the volume and naturalness of your chest. It will help them to feel less weight on the back and to take care of the sensitive skin that covers the bust, preventing its fall.

Reducing fasteners

They are characterized by high cups and molders that completely cover the contour of the chest. The shoulder straps are wider to provide extra support and comfort. They do not have filling, because their function is to “reduce” and the tissues of the cups tend to be more resistant and rigid or with transverse seams that help to “flatten the breasts”. The sides and back are wider than in normal bras and some have side leaflets and larger and stronger clasps to control and collect all the lateral volume of the chest. They are made of soft fabrics to leave no marks on the skin and are able to reduce up to 3.5 centimeters (2 sizes). Now we can also find them without straps to wear with strapless dresses or low cut. Strapless reducers have adhesive or silicone inner bands to offer a better fit and adaptability. There are hoops and without hoops, it is not an essential feature that makes a difference because now the bras can give rounded and natural shapes with rings as well as without them.

Which women should use reducing bras?

They are designed for women with a lot of chest who want to reduce the contour and volume of the bust.

Push up

bras The goal of push up bras is to lift and join the chest to get a sexy and sexy neckline while increasing the size of it. They carry an extra padding on the inside and bottom of the cup to help enhance the chest and join the neckline. The filling of the cup can be simple, double or triple push up. They can increase the bust up to 3 sizes.

Which women should wear push up bras?

They feel ideal to all women with small chest because it molds the neckline in a very natural way. Thanks to its great support and lifting effect are also very useful for women with fallen chest. The push up will help you get a more raised and controlled chest. They are also ideal for women with very separate neckline as they join and raise it.

Half-cup or low-cut

bras These are bras whose cup covers the lateral part of the chest leaving the neckline more exposed. They get to round and lift the bust slightly and are used with low-cut clothing. They also usually have multi-position or interchangeable braces and there are some that can be placed in more than 100 different postures, being suitable for all types of shirts and dresses.

What women should wear half cup bras?

This type of bra is suitable for women with a medium or large chest as they round and lift it, providing very good support. We discourage women with little chest because they may run the risk of not filling the volume of the cup, which produces a feeling of little restraint and discomfort.

Other models with special features.

Multi positions: in the multi-seam bras the position of the straps can be changed to adapt them to the shapes of t-shirts and dresses. The straps are removable, that is, they can be replaced by transparent silicone to hide them or they can even be strapless. There are models available with or without filling.

Sports: to perform physical exercise there are specific bras with breathable fabrics and different levels of support depending on the impact of the sport to be performed.

Maternal: they are bras whose cups are easily opened with a clip and allow breastfeeding babies without removing the bra.

Body and Boris: can cover from the lower part of the chest (under chest) to the whole body. They fulfill the function of a belt, but with built-in bra.

Prosthetic: designed for women who have suffered some type of condition in the breast, used to place breast prostheses inside.

Tops: Lightweight bras without padding or hoops, ideal for fitness activities. They are also perfect to wear under a shirt semi transparent or very low cut.

Finally, finding a bra that feels like a glove and with which to be comfortable bra without having to preposition it continuously, is much more difficult than we would like to recognize. Few are women who know how to correctly choose their type of bra and many who use it without knowing it, inadequate sizes.

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