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In this day and age, the buildings and streets of concrete are as commonplace as the birds in the sky. Concrete is the main component of our towns and cities, but believe it or not, there are many different types of concrete. Before looking at the different types, what actually is concrete? Concrete itself is a composite material and a typical concrete mix will contain three major components.

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Binding materials

Fine aggregate

Aggregate coarse

It is usually blended in proportions or ratios depending on the requirement. As there are so many different uses for concrete, it is not surprising that there are different types of concrete mixes available.

Types of Concrete and Uses

Plain concrete

The most common type of concrete usually has no reinforcement. It is created with a 1-2-4 ratio of the three materials named above. This type of concrete is commonly used to build walkways, sidewalks and concrete flooring.


As you would imagine, this kind of concrete is equipped with a reinforcing addition in the form of rods and steel meshes. Reinforced concrete is ideal for projects where strength is paramount. It is used in buildings and bridge columns where structures need to bear the high tensile stress along with good compression.

High-Performance Concrete

Types of concrete made to comply with certain specific standards without sacrificing power. This type of concrete quickly gains strength, offers tough durability, and high levels of permeability as just some of the standards. It offers high performance and can be used to replace other types and build roads, sidewalks, etc.

Ready-mix concrete

One of the most popular types of concrete – ready mix concrete, is mixed and bathed in the main factory and then taken to a site when needed. It can be used without further treatment. Because it is not made on site, the higher quality standards can be met with remarkable precision. Ready-mix concrete can be useful when the mixing process is not possible at the construction site. It has a life span that is higher than the other types and thus used for high-rise buildings and bridges. For Concrete Cheltenham, visit https://www.monstermixconcrete.co.uk/

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Quick Strength Concrete

Types of concrete that gain strength very quickly and are also often known as a quick hardening concrete. It is normally used in projects where time is of the essence. Some examples of uses of this variety of concrete is where traffic can be impacted during construction and even in underwater structures in which time could lead to project failure.

Precast concrete

Similar to the ready-mix concrete, the main part of the production takes place in the factory. In this case, it is made and formed in the plant as needed and brought to the site only during the assembly stage. Some of the common use of precast concrete is in building stairs and fence posts.

Asphalt concrete

A further commonly used type is asphalt concrete. A composite material, it contains a mixture of asphalt and aggregate. It will usually harden in an hour or so. Because the quick setting properties of the mixture used, it is mainly used in asphalt concrete roads, airports and parking lots.




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