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12 Ways To Prioritise your health and wellness by consuming the best quality filtered water

Are you looking for filters that purify your water and remove all impurities?  Water is a vital element that provides all the necessary nutrients and energy to our bodies.

It keeps our body hydrated and fresh throughout the day. So, it is essential to consume pure water without any sediments and impurities. Water filters are the best option to purify drinking water at household and industrial levels.

Filtration is a process that immediately transforms ordinary tap water into clean and healthy water. Filters help remove all the sediments, particulate matter, micro-organisms, and other contaminants and produce safe water.

Some of the features to consider before buying are,

Method of filtration

  • Mechanical
  • Ion exchange
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Absorption
  • Sequestration


It purifies water based on micron size by making a barrier between the particles and the water surface. Filter size ranges between 0.5 to 5 microns. It is a physical type of filtration that removes dirt, dust, and particulate matter.


These filters utilise the principle of granulated activated carbon (GAC). It eliminates all the unwanted odours by suspending and arresting all the contaminants.

Ion exchange

It is the process of converting hard water into soft water by undergoing an ion exchange process. A simple resin along with a water softener is utilised for conversion.

Reverse Osmosis

It eliminates all the dissolved solids by passing them through a semi-permeable membrane under high pressure. It can also be combined with other water filters and purifies the water to about 99.9%.


Chemicals in minute quantities get introduced into water to arrest and suspend the impurities and contaminants.

Other features

Filtration in two stages

Two-stage filtration helps in the removal of impurities effectively in a house water channel system.

Stage one

Micron polypropylene residue channel that eliminates soil, sand, sediment, residue, particles, utilising the coconut shell carbon.

Stage two

The CTO filter takes out shadiness and unpleasant smells. It eliminates more than 90% chlorine and is profoundly compelling on VOCs like pesticides, herbicides, and modern solvents.

Capacity of filtration

Choosing replaceable filters can give a maximum amount of clean water for one year. Gulf and outlet ports permit quick water streams with lower tension adversity and the highest filtration capacity.

Ease of installation and maintenance

The framework comes pre-gathered onto the mounting section for a smoothed-out, DIY establishment. A Channel wrench gets provided to make routine channel changes simple and faster. Ensure that they offer a professional and prompt service from the maintenance to install and change the filters when necessary.

Do not eliminate TDS

The water filter framework should not diminish Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)and should always have healthy minerals in your water.


Make sure the filter system has strong hoses, pipings, and fittings. It should be without any pores or water leakage. The material should be durable and long-lasting to safeguard your home and environment,

Cost-Efficient and Long Lasting

Choose a water filter that is long-lasting, efficient, and fits according to your budget.

Simplest Filter Replacement

The replacement method should be designed in such a way to facilitate no need for detaching hoses or water lines for smart use and substitution.

Based on the need, you can also opt to buy a combination system of filters, fridge filters, coffee machine filters, food services water filters, and many other types. The ultimate goal is to produce safe and clean water that aids in the wellness of consumers.

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