Preventing destructive Forest fires.

We are quite lucky in this country because even though we have quite a few forests and arboretums due to our wet temperate climate it’s very unlikely that we would ever get a huge forest fire even after a long hot dry spell. Our trees retain a great degree of the moisture from the rain we get and the damp conditions that usually prevail. Having said that, with the ever changing nature of the climate of our world it can never be ruled out and the practice of Fire Safety Consultancy Bristol company is incredibly important. If you need some advice on such matters then why not have a look at http://keloscape.co.uk/areas-we-cover/fire-safety-consultancy-bristol/ for some in depth help. In the meantime let’s have a look at what can be done to prevent such disasters from occurring in the first place and how to stop them when they do.

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Fires are pretty much always started by people. In the area of wooded parkland this is almost certainly true as the sun itself will never reach the heat enough to cause a tree to catch fire but some human element such as glass left lying around magnifying the heat can. What, then, can be done?

First of all take responsibility for the care of the campsite. When setting up a fire, never leave it unattended and make sure that you have a supply of water, sand or earth to extinguish it straight away. Fire cannot exist when you remove one of its elements; these are Fuel, Air and Heat.  Water will remove the heat whereas sand will remove heat and air. The fire needs to be completely out before you sleep or leave the area, don’t forget to smother the embers afterwards, it just takes a wild breeze and they can carry up into the branches and set them off.

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Using gas or solid fuel units should be treated with extreme care the potential for a fire being caused is huge. Any spillage needs to be cleared up or doused with water to reduce the potency of the liquid. Again, the fire or cooking stove should never be left unattended when in use.

Smoking is not a good idea at any time, but in the tinder dry woods it can be fatal. IF you do smoke make sure that you fully extinguish the cigarette before leaving it.  If a fire does start call the emergency services immediately and know where your exit and evacuation points are at all times.

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