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Short hair 2019: the look that dominates the season

Short hair is fashionable and trendsetter in all ages. It is the fashion cut in all ages: short hair dominates 2019. And advances as never before on female territory. If you are thinking of losing the fear of scissors. I know the recommended options for each type of face and hair. Stylists say it ‘s a look that is here to stay. Here, the recommended cuts for each type of face and options for laciest and curlers.

Before deciding on a cut played, it is important to know what stylists recommend in each case. While short hair is a flattering, versatile and super comfortable style. Each woman has different features and characteristics that she wants to highlight. Therefore, we review some tips and recommendations to innovate without error.

Short hair 2019: what you have to know

short hair 2019

Pixie, helmet, lateral stripe, wavy: the trend proposes multiple cuts of short hair that highlight the volume and generate an almost imperceptible movement effect. We review some of the most cancerous styles for this 2019.

Side stripe style

It is one of the modern haircuts for women that best fits different factions. The style with stripe on the side contributes to generate volume, movement and frames the face in a very subtle way.

To achieve a perfect lateral short.  It is necessary to maintain a base with uniform length to the nape of the neck and then structure with some hand-made wicks. In this way, a super feminine look is achieved with curved lines that accentuate the natural shapes of the face and head.

A haircut with lots of waves

the short hair 2019

The short and wavy is another of the options that are fashionable. This classic adds some modern touches and generates a “carefree” style, super rancher.  Which complements any look to perfection. It can be worn short and curly on the face. Or pulled back with wavy strands on the face.

Ideally, the curls are well defined so that it does not look like a frizz attack. We tell you how to get them step by step:

Specific shampoo and conditioner: if we want to achieve well-defined curls we need to start the care from washing with products designed for this type of hair.

Towel: when leaving the shower, the ideal thing is to dry the hair with a towel until the humidity is completely removed.

Perfect drying: once we finish using the towel, we can go to dry the hair with the dryer. It is essential to use warm air and not hot if we want to achieve the ideal curls. For a more professional result, it is best to use the mouth type diffuse.

Lacquer: it looks like a grandmother trick but the reality is that it works very well. For the curls to last longer, we can spray the hair with a fixative.

Look and do not touch: if our goal is to keep the curls well defined until the end of the day, the key is not to touch them. As simple as this advice seems, the truth is that the more the hand, the less definition.

Bob, a canchero casque

Far from being the children’s cut of the 80s, the bob-type hat is one of the main cuts of short hair for young women. It is one of the most feminine styles, especially when combined with a fringe or tuft on the face.

If we want to take the helmet to another level, an option for the most daring is to complement it with straight bangs. While it is very sixties, the style has a lot of Asian influence with a camouflaged stripe that provides dynamism and pop culture.

If you do not want to go that far, you can opt for the British alternative. Which is less dense. With wide but rounded bangs, enhances the face with vintage features.

Weathered haircuts

the short hair

An alternative less played than the Bob -both in its Asian and Anglo-Saxon versions- is the pixie cut or stepped cut. This style that super good with different games of colors.

To achieve this, it is necessary to structure larger volumes in the hair that remains on the face and leave a more masculine style on the top of the head. It’s a classic of the rock world and the more degraded it gets, the better.

Short hair cuts, very short

The short is ideal for the most daring. It is super trendy and looks good with any color tone. This look can be combined with asymmetrical strands. Which fall thin on the face to frame the features.

There are super geometric styles that combine with areas of the side of the head shaved almost to the root. They emphasize the look a lot. It is ideal for those with clear or elongated eyes or looking for a punk-rocky look.

How to care for short haircuts

discover short hair

While it is easier to handle than long hair, short hair also needs some care to look perfect. We give you some tips to keep your hair like fresh out of the hairdresser.

Humidity: moisturize the hair with a spray before brushing it makes it have greater volume and body. The important thing is to find the product that best fits our hair type.

Softener:  the softener prevents the sponge effect and helps the hair fall and not look like a motorcycle helmet.

Chau dryer: the ideal is to avoid the dryer as many times as possible. The hot air generates frizz and reduces the brightness. In case you can not avoid it, always use tempered air.

Wax: Wax- based products dominate small hairs that detach from the head and help maintain a uniform hairstyle.

Cutting frequency: the ideal is to go through the hairdresser every six weeks to make a break and, every three months, to make a cut. Nothing uglier than a hair that does not define his style.

Change the style of the line:  the short hair style of the line to avoid getting used to a single form. That way you will be able to modify it while it grows. Having a designed plan can prevent us from having a bad time during periods of transition to different lengths.

Less heat: as with the dryer, the same goes for the iron or loop. They are not beneficial. If we are going to use this type of accessories. The ideal is to put them in medium temperature so as not to hurt the scalp.

Brush and comb: Neither is sufficient on its own but the combination generates the best results.

Daily washing: it is best to wash it every day. As the tips are so close to the root. The hair can look more greasy and dirty if you do not receive daily care.

Mousse: Mousse products are ideal to eliminate frizz, generate volume and body. They have a natural combing effect that is super casual.

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