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5 Streetwear Essentials To Nail That Ultimate Hip Look!

Sydney is sought-after for being the cultural capital of Australia, and streetwear is an essential part of that culture.

A considerable amount of Australian streetwear brands are Sydney-based and seamlessly reflect the vibrance and mood of the city in their designs. Therefore if you’re looking for streetwear stores in Sydney, you will be absolutely spoilt for choice!

The urban streetwear look is a fantastic trend in your wardrobe since it has the rare beauty to appear rebellious while being relaxed! It has a punk rock edge, yet it also works well with the beautiful, sleek styles of high fashion. Because streetwear is a challenging style to define in and of itself, there are a plethora of ways to experiment with the aesthetic, which is continuously changing and evolving.

Explored below are streetwear style essentials you can take inspiration from:

Graphic Hoodies: Bold designs aren’t simply about catching people’s attention. With streetwear, you’re portraying a frantic metropolitan environment with many visual distractions. Whether political or cultural, graphics and patterns may communicate a statement.

A graphic may transform a slouchy hoodie into the focal point of your ensemble, especially if the design has sentimental value for you. Wearing it denotes a preference for a specific type of street culture. Sure, not everyone will understand. But that’s the purpose of streetwear.

Baggy Shirts: Another feature of streetwear is that it frequently consists of baggy, loose, and shapeless garments. This means you’ll be able to combine comfort and style, so take advantage of it and don’t be scared to layer up with various items!

Multiple layers of oversized sweaters, tee shirts, and trousers will not appear out of place. Wear laidback shirts with the buttons undone to keep things relaxed, and add an 80s-inspired top for colour and detail. Think hip hop from the 1980s and 1990s with a contemporary touch, and you’ve got a good foundation on which to develop your streetwear aesthetic!

Statement Denim: Any streetwear ensemble is incomplete without denim. Finding a pair that you can wear from workday to weekend without seeming out of place is the key. Donning a lighter or washed jeans on the wash front works nicely with the streetwear style’s informal attitude.

Uplifting Accessories: Is there anything more vintage than a vibrant beanie folded perfectly and in a must-have colour of your choice? Wearing a deep beanie keeps your ears warm, masks any poor hair days, and quickly transforms a pair of clothes into an ensemble. It must have that youthful, non-conformist air that streetwear is essentially about.

Classic Trainers: Sydney is a fashion and streetwear destination. Some of Australia’s top sneakerheads show off their sneakers in the city’s fashionable Surry Hills area. Therefore streetwear stores in Sydney are brimming with endless sneaker and trainer options for you. A classic pair of trainers from a well-known brand will get you accolades without appearing desperate. Choose a neutral colour scheme, and they’ll go with everything in your closet. And above all, there’s also the sporting aspect!

A streetwear look is the most popular choice among sportspeople. Trainers with affinity to 90s terrace and dance culture have a great sports past.

Summing Up:

  • Take notice of the guidelines above.
  • Keep the origins of streetwear in mind.
  • Explore the many clothing items available to include some urban features in your outfit.

Window surfing urban trend pieces and looking for essential items and accessories to start adding to your collection can provide plenty of ideas.

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