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How to lose weight at home to lead a healthy life

New Year has come and most of us want to know how to lose weight at home to lead a healthy life. At these holidays, there were endless celebrations, lunches, dinners and binge eating. Also, the grapes and the famous purposes let’s face it, most of us dedicate one (or more) grape to the purpose of losing weight. ┬áMaking this happen will lead us a healthy life and a better diet. If you need help to fulfill your purposes, the specialist in nutrition, yoga, healthy living… Gabriela Martinez shares some tips to lose weight and lead a healthy life.

How to lose weight at home to lead a healthy life:

How to lose weight

1. Reduce stress

It seems that losing weight is just a matter of the body. However, the mind and especially stress plays a key role in this process.

“Stress is one of the main enemies in weight loss and unfortunately is part of our day to day,” says the specialist. He also explains that when we are stressed, our body increases the production of cortisol.

“When our body has high levels of cortisol, the brain gives the order to consume more calories, the production of insulin is altered, the production of leptin is reduced, the hormone responsible for regulating fat in the body and triggers the storage of fat “, Says the nutritionist so check https://www.sideeffects.com.

It is worth mentioning that stress is not the only liberator of cortisol, since not having your meals in time, witnessing a natural event (such as an earthquake), suffering some loss or having a fight or discussion can cause cortisol production to shoot up in the body.

The first of the tips to lose weight is to design a strategy that helps you manage stress in everyday situations. So, now you know how to lose weight at home to lead a healthy life.

How to lose weight

2. Do not spend too much time without eating

“You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, it’s a lie. All the meals are important and, to be more specific, what is really important is the meal schedule and how much time we spend between meals, “Gabriela tells us.

It’s not just about having a good breakfast. It’s about not spending more than 4 hours without eating. We must also ensure that there is always a portion of protein and carbohydrates on the plate, just as the dish of good eating exposes it. Respecting schedules will make your metabolism work better and faster.

In fact, spending a lot of time without consuming food lowers your blood sugar level, causing your body to store fat because you do not know when you will receive the food you need.

“Do not get into problems of calorie counting, or restrictions, it’s all about looking at the plate of good eating and making our portions look alike. Eat vegetables, fruits, meat and even tortillas, but in the right amount. Now, if you need help planning your meals, it’s always best to go with a nutrition specialist for a personalized diet, “says Gaby.

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How to lose weight

3. Exercise three times a week

“We always hear that 30 minutes a day is enough to enjoy good health, but in reality, what is recommended is to do at least 60 minutes three times a week and combine it with a good diet,” says our coach.

And it is all about how to lose weight at home to lead a healthy life. Sedentary lifestyle and office hours can bring important consequences to the body such as muscle problems and even diabetes.

Take into account that a walk is not the same as practicing a sport, so your diet should also be different. Your intake depends on the degree of activity or physical exertion you have.

How to lose weight

4. Plan your meals per week

This is one of the key tips to lose weight and is to plan your entire week diet meal. So that you do not catch the races and you can specify your goals. Gaby comments that “the weekend is the ideal time for most people since there is time to go to the supermarket and prepare food for the whole week. Also, if you know that you will leave during the day, you can put together the right menu to transport it or eat it more easily outside the office or the workplace.”

5. Say goodbye to the myths to lose weight

The world of nutrition is full of diets, magic routines and miraculous foods that ensure that you will lose weight. However, we must take all this information with caution. Do you want to know how to lose weight at home to lead a healthy life? What those myths are? I recommend you to follow everything we have mention in this article.

How to lose weight

6. To lose weight, never “start over”

Whenever we break the diet, we say “I’ll start it again on Monday or the other month” and it’s one of the big mistakes we make frequently. A slip does not destroy everything you did the days or months before, but we take it as an excuse to return to the habits of before, “says the nutritionist.

So, if you fall into temptation, enjoy it and go back to the next meal. This way it will not cost you as much work as the idea of starting over. Do not see it just as one of many tips to lose weight, but as the steps to follow to enjoy good health and a better quality of life in the short, medium and long term.

Those were the best tips for them who want to know how to lose weight at home to lead a healthy life. I hope this will help you a lot. Enjoy!!

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