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How to dress for freezing weather

You may love winter but there is nothing worse than being out and about and feeling so cold your arms are blue and your feet hurt. If you are excessively cold, you can’t think about anything else; what’s more, it can be dangerous. Thankfully, there are some solutions that will ensure you feel as good as you look.
The right kit

Your winter wardrobe will benefit from a few staples that can be teamed with other items on the coldest of days. Make sure you have a hat, a scarf, mittens, a choice of loose-fitting clothes to layer, such as jeans and mens fisherman sweaters, and a water-resistant coat and boots. You can find more stay-warm tips on the government website.

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Why mittens?

Mittens are a warmer choice than gloves, as your fingers will generate more heat if they are not separated by fabric. Choose mittens that are waterproof for all-weather protection and look for those with synthetic or down insulation. The perfect pair will have around 0.25 of an inch of fabric at the top of your straight fingers.

Hat tips

Of course, you will want a hat that suits you, looks great, and complements your versatile mens fisher man sweaters. You should also consider the material it is made from, with wool and microfleece being great choices.

Layer up

Layering is the perfect solution to staying warm. For the best results, start off with an inner layer. Shirt fabrics are great for this, as they don’t absorb moisture and retain body heat. Cotton is not the best choice; instead, polypropylene, silk or wool will hold in more heat.

Next, go for an insulation layer to trap warm air near your body. This could mean wearing warm tights beneath your jeans, a pair of wool socks, or your mens fisherman sweater from a store such as – or all three! Natural fibres such as fleece and wool are the best choice for warmth.

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The final outer layer should keep you protected from the rain, wind, and snow. Opt for wind- and water-resistant fabrics for the best results.

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