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4 Must-Have Features for Luxury Homes in Brisbane

Brisbane is a city that is geographically located on Australia’s eastern coast. Its metropolitan area is centred along the Brisbane River, while the Moreton Bay borders its suburbs to the east. It is the capital city of Queensland and the third-most populated city in Australia with over 2.5 million inhabitants. Brisbane has a total land area of about 15,842 square kilometres.

Brisbane is known as an Alpha Global City and is one of the most highly-advanced economies in Australasia. Thanks to its highly-developed economy, the city has a bustling real estate industry that is home to some of the best luxury properties in the country. If you are looking forward to your dream house, here are four must-have features for luxury homes brisbane.

Outdoor Living Amenities

According to an article by the Australian Traveller, Brisbane is home to some of the gorgeous locations in Australia, which include River Quay Green, Kangaroo Point Cliffs, and Mount Coot-tha, to name a few. If your residential property happens to be situated in Brisbane’s exceptional locations, you should consider outdoor living amenities.

Having a backyard that features an outdoor kitchen, water elements (infinity pools or ponds), fire pits, and outdoor seating is the epitome of luxury. Not only will it provide you with amenities while socializing outdoors, but can also serve as a means for relaxation while enjoying the gorgeous views that Brisbane has to offer.

Home Gyms

The Australian Bureau of Statistics noted that Brisbane’s population shows no signs of decreasing as more and more people decide to move to the city. This is certainly a disadvantage in some regards as there is an expected increase in the number of gym-goers. And with the COVID-19 pandemic still at large, the last thing you want is going to populated locations for a workout.

Wealthy people in Brisbane do not like sweating out at the gym in front of many people, which is why the majority of them install private fitness facilities in their luxury homes brisbane. Having your gym inside your property is undoubtedly advantageous because you can freely do your workout without worrying about other people.

Smart Home Technology

The most in-demand feature for luxury homes nowadays is smart home technologies. This is no surprise as these digital tools help in improving efficiency inside the home and make several tasks easier. Appliances, doors, lights, and even sprinklers can be controlled using a few buttons or clicks through a smartphone or a dedicated remote.

Smart home technology can also improve a luxury home’s security system. You will be able to receive notifications whenever motion is detected inside the home, and you will have access to security cameras as well. Also, this feature is quite easy to install and can be done in a few hours by reliable luxury home builders.

Advanced Thermostat Systems

Brisbane has a humid subtropical climate, according to Climate Data. Because of this, Brisbane is the second-hottest city in Australia with average maximum temperatures reaching above 26 degrees Celsius. Hot summer months are usually expected, which is why temperature regulation is quite significant.

Luxury homes in Brisbane should have advanced thermostat systems to provide proper cooling mechanisms during hot summer days. By having this feature, you no longer have to feel discomfort caused by the harsh element brought about by the Brisbane weather.


 The features mentioned above will transform an ordinary home into a luxurious one, especially if you hire the best luxury home builder in Brisbane. Contact a trusted and reliable luxury home builder today, and start building your dream home that you will surely be proud of!

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