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How to wear black to be elegant and refined

Coco Chanel has made its style flag and Audrey Hepburn has consecrated it as a synonym of elegance: we are talking about the black color and the thousand ways it can be worn.

Let’s start from the basics, first you need to know that black helps to define the silhouette and to slim it down, it is also a color that goes well with everything. How many times have we happened to look inside the wardrobe and fall back on the classic black dress? Just change accessories and shoes and you’re done. The important thing is therefore to know how to always combine black with something new to avoid boredom and banality. Here are some examples.

How to wear black: the classic sheath dress

We already said it when we think of the  little black dress  the first image that comes to mind is Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The black dress is a classic that never goes out of style. It is possible to decline it in a thousand possible ways, from the evergreen sheath dress, which combined with a pair of the right décolleté, saves us in every occasion, to the simple everyday dress to wear also with leggings.

The important thing is to always add the original detail that can be a maxi necklace, trendy in this autumn winter or a pair of boots.

How to wear black: jacket, the must have

The black jacket in our wardrobe must never be missing. Remember that. Thanks to it, even the sportiest of looks acquires elegance. Take a white T-shirt, a pair of jeans, sneakers, combine it with a black jacket with turned-up sleeves and you will have a perfect trendy look.

How to wear black: trousers and jeans

Here you pay particular attention to combinations, the total black look is not always the most suitable. It is better to combine black pants with something white or colored. For example maxi shirts or sweaters. Like shoes, boots are always a good choice especially if the pants are very tight.

How to wear black: combinations

It is really difficult to make a mistake, because black looks good with everything. One real exception: blue. The two colors don’t really get along. So just avoid trying to match them. Or if you really want to dare, combine black with electric blue.

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