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What color shirt with blue blazer to wear?

Every day we go out to the street dressed in the best way, with good quality clothes or at least in good condition, and using our favorite colors. But are we really doing it the right way? When it comes to achieving the right combinations, we do not always succeed. Let’s see what color shirt with blue blazer to wear.

Harmonize clothes can be a challenge because despite having our closet full of clothes. It is not so easy to play with the colors of the clothes. So it’s not just about whether we’ve achieved a look that fits the fashion. Combining the colors in the right way is what creates a perfect outfit. Keep reading: How to wear jeans in the office?

What color shirt with blue blazer to wear?

What color shirt with blue blazer

A navy blue shirt impeccable and perfectly adapted to the body is a garment of great importance. For man, there is one for every opportunity, commitment and climate. From sports to the most formal, all are essential when defining style and personality.

The secret is to combine it in the appropriate way. Consider teaming a navy blue shirt and light brown chinos to look classy but not particularly formal.

If you’re looking for a somewhat rougher profile, try a shirt in this color and go with black jeans and casual black leather boots. Another option to consider is a navy blue shirt with olive green cargo pants and burgundy leather shoes.

Not to mention how good is a shirt of this color with brown corduroy dress pants, or with light blue shorts which can be accompanied by some brown suede shoes.

But there are also those moments when you should wear this shirt color with a tie. Well, if it’s a plain navy blue shirt, you could use a tie in maroon or green colors. If you are going to wear a dark blue shirt you can select a striped tie in raspberry shades.

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How to combine them?

To achieve an appropriate combination, we must take into account the importance of tonalities. It is therefore essential to harmonize cold colors with each other. Such as those with dark blue pigments, or mix them with neutral colors such as white, beige, gray and black. It cannot be absent, as they facilitate the compositions.

It is not advisable at all to mix the cold colors with the warm ones. Equally, it is not a good idea to unite the strictly formal clothes with casual ones.

When what is sought is to create a monochromatic profile


We see the same color from top to bottom. For example, in navy blue, it is advisable to do so by composing tones and textures so that the result is not excessively basic.

Choosing a navy blue shirt is key when constructing the wardrobe because it is a color that always favors. In the aspect of how others will see us, but also improves our mood.

Wearing the navy blue in a shirt or blouse will always make us feel good and grant well-being to those who accompany us because this color represents generosity, freedom, understanding and calmness.

It is undeniable that a shirt well finished and adjusted to the figure of who saw it. It is an emblem of outstanding elegance. And when it comes to a blue France shirt this means trust and weight.

For them, a blouse of this color can generate diverse compositions, from the most informal to outfits of greater distinction and refinement. And when we speak of “them” we do not refer only to adults but to girls, who increasingly tend to wear fashionable looks.

For them, preferences are also varied, given the great versatility of a dark blue shirt. And shirts in this color also favor the attire of children, especially when they want to look like dad.

The big and the small, the ladies and the little princesses. We all have to reserve an important space for shirts and blouses of this color because it represents a great solution for appropriate attire and because it symbolizes confidence and intelligence.

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Why should a woman wear a navy blue shirt?

One of the reasons is that you can use it at any time of the day and for various occasions, whether formal or casual and it will always be elegant.

The other reason is its high possibility of combination with other garments and accessories. Its enormous versatility makes it go well with dress pants, skirts or with scarves or high heels.

What color shirt with blue blazer

You can go shopping or meet with friends. You can go to dinner or a Sunday walk. You will always look beautiful, especially if you accompany it with the indicated accessories.

Consider teaming a navy blue blouse with a navy blue print midi skirt and leather heeled pumps. Great look to go daily.

Do you want to impact while still looking very elegant? Try a blouse with a white hood skirt and dark green suede pumps.

If you’re looking for an absolutely glamorous profile, combine a blouse of this color with a red dress pants and black leather pumps.

Maybe you want a mix of something chic with an informal touch. Well, then a navy blue blouse with a navy blue skater skirt and leather ankle boots with black embellishments could be useful.

But you’re probably a girl wearing jeans. Then you’ll like to wear a blouse and light blue boyfriend jeans.

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