Greggs Enjoys Great Retail Results

The high street bakers Greggs is beating the trend and in recent months has twice increased its profit forecasts following strong sales.

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The reason for its success has partly been due to its cleverly implemented launch of the vegan sausage roll, which has helped value the company at a record high, bringing many new customers into their stores.

Healthy Options

Jumping on the bandwagon of healthy eating and choice, Greggs bowed to pressure from its customers to produce a vegan version of its best-selling sausage roll. After months in development, it launched in January to coincide with the national ‘Veganuary’ campaign, which aims to encourage people to give up meat and all animal products for the month. Greggs’ newest product was greeted with widespread approval and saw stores selling out and struggling to keep up with demand.

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Veganuary proved a great success with a record number of participants changing their diet in order to have a healthy kickstart to the new year.

Mass Appeal

Greggs is a high street retailer which has mass appeal and appears to have got it right. Its simple store décor and low-cost pricing make it popular with students, workers, families and shoppers looking to grab a bite to eat either at their desks or on the run.

Since January, social media has been flooded with members of the public commenting on Greggs’ new healthy offering, and the vegan sausage roll even got a mention on live TV by comedian Jack Whitehall when hosting this year’s 2019 Brit Awards at the 02 in London!

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As well as the vegan sausage roll, Greggs also enjoyed bumper sales of its festive produce over the Christmas period and saw an increase in sales of its hot drinks and breakfasts. By offering seasonal products at competitive prices, Greggs appear to have got it right and successfully managed to offer what their customers want. Judging by the queues outside stores at peak times, shoppers are also happy to wait for their bakes!

Other high street outlets are now expected to follow Greggs’ lead.

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