KonoSuba Season 3

The KonoSuba anime has had great popularity since the premiere of its first season in 2017, being a comedy anime, we have been entertained by watching the different adventures of Kazuma. With the KonoSuba movie: Crimson Legend released in 2019, many of the fans are wondering if there will be a third season for this anime.

Today a broadcast was made with the actors who give voice to Kazuma and Megumin. A new animated adaptation of the novel was confirmed in the broadcast, but it was not confirmed if it would be the third season.

Many of the fans speculate that it could be a new OVA or movie, so far it is the only information we have. It is expected that in the coming months this new adaptation will be officially confirmed and it will be announced if it will be a new season or movie.

The only certainty is that soon we will be able to see the fun adventures of Kazuma Satou again. Stay tuned for the next news on KonoSuba season 3.

Will there be a third season of KonoSuba?

Although the series was well received by the public, it was not a complete success, the animated series was created mainly to publicize the light novel of the same name. In addition to also giving popularity to its different video games, something that I achieve, it is for this reason that many believe that there will be a third season.

Now we will talk about the material to animate, as we will tell you the KonoSuba series is based on a light novel. Therefore you have to see material for a third season, currently, the light novel has already finished its publication, with 17 volumes.

The first and second seasons ranged from volume 1 to 4, the film was made with volume 5, it still has 12 volumes, which can be animated. There is the material to continue with the anime and also the public was delighted with the series, so there is a very high probability of a new season.

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When will KonoSuba season 3 come out?

Having a great possibility of a third season, the only thing we can do is wait, so far KADOKAWA in charge of the series has not given any details about it. But we hope that in 2021 there will be some indication about a new project for the series.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy its first two seasons, you can find them on the Crunchyroll platform along with its two OVAS in Latin audio. You can also see the film Crunchyroll with Spanish subtitles.

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