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An introduction to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) can be highly distressing and have a severe negative impact on life quality.

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Mental health condition

OCD is a mental health condition that affects around three-quarters of a million people around the UK.  It often manifests during adolescence or early adulthood; however, children as young as six can experience symptoms, as can adults.


Those suffering from OCD will experience obsessive thoughts or repetitive behaviour with a high degree of frequency. Obsessions can include intrusive thoughts or images that enter the head and cause distress and anxiety. This may result in the onset of compulsions or repetitive behaviours, which are deemed necessary to release or escape from the intrusive thought.


The exact cause of OCD is unknown, although it is thought that genetic factors, life-changing events, certain brain activity factors and certain personality types may be predisposed to the onset of OCD.


There are many treatment options for OCD, including talking therapies such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), medications, and support groups. Those suffering from OCD may be reluctant to receive help or come to terms with their issue, but they should be encouraged to speak to their GP or self-refer to an NHS talking therapies service.


An OCD awareness course is designed for those who provide care and support to people. It allows delegates to understand the condition, the underlying causes, how it is diagnosed and managed, and the neurological side of OCD. A greater knowledge of the condition helps staff to deliver higher quality levels of care.

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Providers such as offer mental health training courses Swansea and nationwide, including OCD.

Training can ensure that staff recognise the symptoms and are better equipped to assist clients with referrals and signposting.

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