Running a successful market stall at a local craft fair

With the economic climate being in recession, energy prices soaring, petrol and diesel costs remaining high, house prices and mortgages skyrocketing it’s no wonder lots of ordinary everyday, hardworking families are trying to earn extra money any way they can.  Many are turning to hobbies and pastimes to make extra cash and running a successful market stall at a local craft fair is just one way of doing this.  If you think you can provide a product or service that locals will want to buy or use, and you can make it or provide it cheaply and quickly, then you are in with a chance.

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Do your research before heading to market, find out where the most popular local craft fairs are held and make sure you visit them as a customer, before going there with your stall.  Probably the most important thing for you to research and understand, (before you invest any of your money in this idea) is, do you Know who Your Customer is or KYC?  If you are going to successfully make money at this venture, then you have to know who your target market is and make sure you can aim your product or service at them.

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Sometimes you have to spend money to make money so if you think you might have a viable way of making extra cash from your hobby then it’s worth investing in a smart computer software programme that will help you understand your potential customers.

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