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Green hair: little tips for your style

The fashion of colored hair is becoming more and more popular!

The fashion of colored hair is depopulating not only among younger girls but also among older women who want to give a breath of freshness to their look.

Even the stars of the entertainment world follow this trend and color their hair with the most disparate shades.

Among the most popular colors, there is certainly pink but also green, a great trend in recent times.

However, women who want to do green hair must take into account some small tricks to preserve the color and have a perfect look.

How to choose green hair

The choice of dyeing your hair green should not be taken lightly since this color does not suit everyone but there are factors to take into consideration, first of all, the undertone of the skin.

Girls who have very light skin can venture with this color as long as it is in pastel tones, while those with olive skin can dare by choosing a petrol green.

The emerald green hair instead looks good to those who have the hair pretty dark and are able to brighten the complexion.

What to consider when you want to have green hairGreen hair

The women who want to make green hair should also take into account the color of their eyes, which is very often underestimated.

Generally, those with light or blue eyes should prefer rather cold shades.

Even those with blue or gray eyes can make the same choice.

On the contrary, girls with brown eyes can opt for warmer shades. Of course, the decision must also be made based on your personal tastes, taking into account what can best enhance the face.

Taking care of green hair

The green color is rather difficult to achieve especially on some hair types such as darker ones. In addition, this color in the long run tends to lose its intensity and no longer have the brightness of the past.

For this reason, it is essential to take great care of green hair and go to the hairdresser often to maintain the color.

It is also good to remember that it is preferable to avoid coloring your hair at home: in fact, it would risk having the opposite effect if you are not an expert. Therefore it is advisable to avoid any do-it-yourself intervention and consult an expert.

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