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4 ways to use your company’s social networks to improve the management of your customers

The social networks of your business are a powerful channel of communication through which your prospects and customers find you faster to interact, to the point of ending up making immediate purchase decisions.

How to take advantage of them? Now we tell you everything they allow you to do to connect with your consumers effectively and easily.

1. Capture leads

Although there is no cost to create and manage social networks, they all offer a very useful paid alternative to reach specific audiences faster.

Using their advertising platforms, you have the opportunity to create digital strategies to show your brand’s messages only to those who really interest you. That is, you segment by interests, likes, location, age, sex, language and more, based on all the users registered in the network you choose.

An example is Platzi, an online education platform that with video ads on Facebook and Instagram, aimed exclusively at men and women between 23 and 50 in Colombia, increased the number of its students enrolled by 24 points.

2. Maintain communication with your audiences

If you already have a network of followers, then don’t forget them and keep in constant communication with them. Through creative and valuable content, encourage their participation, help them solve doubts, arouse their interest, let them know who you are as a company and listen to them.

Remember that it is not about talking only about you, if you use your social networks as a channel to truly interact with your customers, you increase the number of your commercial prospects and the perception of your brand significantly, this according to the social media management platform , Hootsuite.

Some ways to use your business RRSS are …

  • Request product or campaign feedback.
  • Publish content with easy tips.
  • Address current issues and trends.

3. Know the needs and preferences of your consumers

Implementing surveys on your company’s social networks is a very useful way of obtaining valuable information in real time from your clients and potential buyers.

Asking them what they think of your new products, what offers appeal to them the most, what features of your products and services they prefer, and more, helps them track their preferences and make better decisions.

A Twitter poll, for example, ends between 5 minutes and 7 days after it has been published (depending on the time you choose to stay online) and in it, participants can only vote once (to avoid bias) and in private (who voted is not shown).

4. Provides exceptional customer service

Did you know that 55% of consumers globally have a better perception of brands that answer their questions or complaints on social networks? This according to data from the State of Global Customer Service report prepared by Microsoft.

In this sense, some good practices that you should execute on your social media to improve customer service levels are, according to the social media solutions company, Sprout Social:

  • Set up chatbots – help track customer requests, respond in a timely manner, handle frequently asked questions, and mitigate the volume of your incoming messages. Facebook and Instagram have free versions.
  • Use an internal tracking system – useful for detecting common issues that need to be addressed at the business level, such as errors in shipping processes or recurring product defects.

Strengthen the relationship with your clients from your social platforms

As you can see, there are many possibilities that social networks give you to improve the management of your clients. Publishing a blog, answering a message via inbox and even voting, are actions that allow you to connect with them more closely, get to know them, and even reach those who do not yet know about you.

Take a turn at managing your networks and provide a unique digital experience!

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