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5 Common Types of Dress Codes Every Woman Should Know About

Looking to add some style, class, and sophistication to your wardrobe? Maybe you need some new classy corset, cocktail, sequin party dresses. If you’re wondering how to make this transition, below are five popular types of dress codes we thought you should know.

1. Festive Dress Code

The festive dress code heavily emphasizes specific patterns, textiles, and colors to bring in the holiday vibe. Velvet, jewel tones, sequins, tartan, reds, greens, glitter, and lots of sparkles all fit the requirements for this dress code. You can check some stylish collections of festive dress codes on popular clothing stores, such as AMI clubwear.

2. Business Formal Dress Code

If you’re attending a semi-formal event such as conferences or work lunches, you might want to go for a business formal dress code. This may mean anything from a dark pantsuit, a skirt suit, or a suit dress. For the shoes, you can opt for heels, loafers, oxfords, or formal flats.

3. Business Casual Dress Code

A business casual dress code refers to the appropriate clothes customized based on your needs or company requirements without being overly formal. You can polish your look with a few more relaxed, fashion-forward touches. A perfect option for business casual wear may include a fun blouse, cropped black trousers, and some light jewelry.

4. Cocktail Attire Dress Code

This dress code is a popular choice for parties and other informal occasions. The dress should appear fun and appropriate at the same time. Depending on the event, consider a playful yet polished dress that isn’t too revealing. Cut-outs, colors, and embellishments are all great as long as they are sophisticated.

5. Funeral Dress Code

If you’re dressing up for a funeral, black is still the safest color. The earnestness of the event can be expressed with other dark neutrals like forest green, navy, or charcoal. A knee-length dress or a pantsuit is deemed appropriate for the occasion. You can also opt for quiet jewelry like pearls.

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