Things to do in Stateline Nevada

Lake Tahoe lies on the border of California and Nevada, and it’s a major tourist hotspot. One of the places around the shores of the famous lake in Stateline on Nevada side attracting big crowds throughout the year.

Ski resorts, casinos, and golf courses are the main attractions in the Stateline. Gambling is illegal in California, so many visitors from other Lake Tahoe resorts come to Stateline for gaming purposes.

Foreign visitors must get travel authorization from the American administration. The easiest way for people from countries in Visa Waiver Program is through the ESTA application process. You can get ESTA in three days, and it’s valid for two years. You can visit the US multiple times in that period, with a maximum stay of up to 90 days in one visit. Those who decide to visit Lake Tahoe and Stateline probably won’t be disappointed. Here are some of the cool things you can do in a small Nevada town.

What to do in Stateline

Stateline has plenty to offer in the summer and winter months. You can find outdoor fun, visit nearby natural attractions like Sierra Nevada ski resorts or Lake Tahoe, and you can enjoy numerous casinos in the town.

Heavenly Mountain Resort is a top-class ski resort in the mountains with miles of ski paths and plenty of fun things to do in summer. Winter is perfect for ski sports, and in the warm season, you can ride mountain coasters or 500 ft slides for tubing.

Scenic Gondola is a great way to experience exceptional scenery of the area with high Sierra Nevada Mountains and incredible view to the largest alpine lake in the US. It’s a 2.4 miles ride, and you will have some of the best ideas.

If you’re into photography, Inspiration Point is probably the most prominent spot around Lake Tahoe. High above the lake, you will have views of the lake, Emerald Bay and Fannette Island. You can reach this spot by car and a short stroll, or opt for a one-mile moderate hike.

While gambling in California is illegal, Nevada doesn’t have those restrictions. That is why in connected settlements South Lake Tahoe and Stateline, right across the state line, you can find numerous casinos. For example, you can visit MonBleu, Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe, and Harveys. Another premium attraction in Stateline right at the shore is Edgewood Tahoe Resort, an 18 hole golf resort for golfing enthusiasts.

History buffs can learn about the history of the region at the Tallac History Site. A free museum will give you insight into life in the early 1920s and a story about Lucky Baldwin’s local personality.

Stateline lake

Lake Tahoe is the biggest attraction of the region. A vast alpine lake with its stunning beauty attracts big crowds in warm months. Many of the numerous beaches on the shores are within resorts, but there are also lovely public beaches like El Dorado Beach, just 2 miles from downtown Stateline. A perfect spot for sunbathing and, if you don’t mind, cold water swimming. There are plenty of water sports to enjoy, like kayaking.

Half an hour from Stateline, you can find Emerald Bay State Park with miles of hiking trails, beaches, and Vikingshold, a castle built in 1929. Swedish architect Lennart Palme designed a summer home for Lora Josephine Knight, and it is integrated into the pine forest. Tahoe’s Hidden Castle is one of the Emerald Bay attractions.

Restaurants in Stateline Nevada

Like most tourist cities, Stateline has plenty of restaurants and bars. Steak lovers can hop to Chart House, where you can also choose a wide selection of seafood and top it with famous desserts.

You can find traditional American cuisine in Edgewood restaurant, and along with the fine dining, you will have a lake view from the table.

For guests in a hurry or who want cheaper breakfast and lunch options, Driftwood Café is an excellent choice.

Other notable restaurants in Stateline include Friday’s Station grill, Zephyr Cove, Mirabelle, and Sushi Pier. Among the standout Mexican restaurants, you can try Cabo Wabo Cantina, where you’ll get excellent nightlife options in a package with live music.

Hotels in Stateline NV

We already mentioned four significant casinos, which are also the hotels. However, besides gambling hotels, Stateline has numerous other accommodation options like Doc’s Cottages that got the best reviews from customers and are among the value options.

If you don care about the price, Edgewood Tahoe resort is a much better option. Heavenly Valley Lodge B&B is a more rustical option, while Lake Tahoe Resort is classic hotel accommodation.

When you’re planning the trip, make sure you get ESTA approval before booking. Al those who get travel authorization don’t have to print documents, so you don’t have to worry about what does an ESTA look like. The airline will know about your ESTA, and if you want to make sure you’re covered, you can print all your documents at any time.

Bottom line

Stateline is a tourist town connected to South Lake Tahoe, but you can gamble in Stateline casinos, unlike its Californian sibling. The Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lake Tahoe are major natural attractions, and the town has numerous restaurants and hotels.


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