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Tips for choosing the perfect carpet colors

Perfect carpet colors– The carpets provide warmth and comfort to any space and are an ideal solution to dampen the sound, thermally isolate the environment and dress it gracefully. In addition, they visually help to define different environments within a single space.

A very large carpet can make a space look smaller. A too small one that does not keep the proportions with the space and / or the furniture will also be strange. The best, measure before. How? Use a tape measure to take measurements of the room, before buying it, taking into account the space occupied by the doors when they are open. Keep in mind that if the carpet is too thick, it could affect the correct opening of the door.

 Advice: If you doubt, use a bodybuilder’s tape to mark the space that the carpet should occupy. Go a little and see if you keep the proportions you want.

The lounge

perfect carpet colors

The layout of the lounge furniture , especially the seats, will define what the carpet  colors should look like.

If the sofa and chairs are placed against a wall, it is a good idea to put the front legs of the seats on the carpet. On the other hand, if the composition of seats is in the center of the room, it is advisable to choose a larger model so that, as in the photo, all the elements are on the carpet.

Tip: If you do not find the exact size of the carpet you are looking for, it is preferable that you choose a piece of larger dimensions than the other way around.

Dining room

the perfect carpet colors

In the dining area , the carpets are used mainly to delimit the environment, in addition to dampen the sound and decorate. Thus, the carpet colors for the dining room should be large enough to cover the entire table and chairs, also when they are removed.

Calculate the measurement of the table and add about 60-70 extra inches per side. For example: to a table of 200 x 80 centimeters would correspond a carpet of 320 cm x 200 cm. In this way, the chairs will always be on the carpet.

As a general rule, the carpet should have the same shape as the table.

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 Contemporary Bedroom by Susanna Cots

Susanna Cots

The bedroom

It is a good idea to choose long, narrow rugs to place on both sides of the bed. Make sure the length of the carpet for your bedroom is similar to that of the bed.

With the headboard resting on a wall you can place a carpet colors that occupies two thirds of the surface of the bed. Let the tables rest directly on the floor, without carpet.

If the bed is not leaning against the wall, choose a carpet that covers the entire bed and that protrudes about 60 centimeters, both the sides and the foot of the bed. For a bed of 150 x 200 centimeters, placed in the center of the bedroom, the carpet should measure approximately 270 x 260 cm.

For those who have a stool-like footboard, the carpet should have the same width as the bed.

What form should I choose?

If the space is elongated, the ideal would be to choose a rectangular shape. For a square space, choose a carpet  colors that is also square. In this way, you will be able to maintain the proportions of the room correctly, providing greater visual balance. Reserve round carpets to bring originality to an environment.

Tip: If you have been confused with the measure you can buy a carpet of the right size of natural fibers as a base and place the smallest one on top.

What material do I choose?

Wool rugs

Very comfortable, soft to the touch and resistant, they are easy to clean and are ideal for high traffic environments such as the living room. This carpet we liked especially because it seems to be made with river bones of grayish tones.

Natural fiber carpets

the best  perfect carpet colors

Much cheaper than wool, carpet colors made of natural fibers are the perfect choice for spaces in which a natural style is sought. They can not stand the spots well.

Cotton rugs

Practical, economic and functional, they are the best option for informal environments such as the children’s bedroom or the dressing room.

Tip: As they weigh very little, place a non-slip base underneath to avoid accidents.

Synthetic materials carpets

Vinyl, polyethylene or PVC … are some of the new and interesting materials. The best: they are very resistant and easy to maintain and clean using only a moistened mop. You can use vinyl, polyethylene or PVC carpets in any environment, even in outdoor spaces, as they do not get damaged by the sun or rain.

What style of carpet colors does it take?

discover carpet colors

  • The felt carpets are one of the most interesting proposals for contemporary spaces.
  • Stamped carpets with geometric motifs are ideal for Nordic environments.
  • The large prints or fabrics in vibrant colors stand out for their versatility. Use them in any room.
  • The kilims are still a great bet. They are very light. They are perfect for an eclectic, natural, bohemian or traditional interior.

Tip: Expect to have all the space decorated with the essential furniture before deciding on the ultimate carpet colors.

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