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IT Clown Costume: How to Make Pennywise Costume Yourself at Home

Halloween night is one of the most famous parties in the world, known for the tradition of dressing up. Most costumes represent horror characters, among which the costumes of witch, zombie or fashion horror movie characters, such as the IT clown or pennywise costume, the movie based on the book written by Stephen King prevail.

Are pennywise costumes scary of you? So they are the perfect costume for this October 31st. If you want to disguise yourself as the devilish clown but you don’t want to spend a lot of money or you don’t have much time. In the article, we tell you how to make the IT clown costume.

IT clown costume preparation

You may think that designing or making your costume is quite complicated and expensive, but with enough creativity, you can do it and, in the process, use few materials. If you want to know how to make a homemade Pennywise costume, you must first know that there are different versions you can make of this clown, depending on the film adaptation you want to recreate. In this case, we have been guided by the latest Pennywise adaptation, but you can use similar materials to make the IT clown from the 1990 miniseries.

It Clown Costume

The clown makeup is the most important part of portraying the Pennywise character successfully. These are the materials you will need:

  • White water paint
  • Pencils of different colors for makeup
  • Black profile
  • Red lipstick
  • The clown nose, you can paint it or make a homemade with an anime ball and paint it red, you can also use a clown nose of props.
  • Yellow lenses (optional)

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Now, the steps to make the IT clown makeup are as follows:

  1. Apply white paint all over the face and neck.
  2. With a lipstick, draw the typical clown mouth of red color.
  3. Draw 2 red lines vertically from the eyebrows, through the eyes, surrounding the cheekbones and to the corners of the lips.
  4. Line with a black pencil.
  5. Draw the clown eyebrows with a black pencil, making a very fine outline.
  6. Pennywise has yellow eyes. If you manage to get some lenses of this color, you will give a very creepy touch to your costume.

How to dress up as an IT clown?

Your costume cannot be complete without a good wardrobe. This is what you need to recreate this character:

  • Silver tights
  • Shiny silver fabric
  • Red wig
  • Red wool clews
  • White socks
  • Ballerina shoes or flats
  • Light Gray Tutu Ballerina Pleated Skirt
  • Long-sleeved jacket in silver
  • Red strips 1 meter long each
  • Plastic soda bottles, minimum 1 liter capacity
  • 5 to 10 red balloons
  • Toy teeth.

The steps you must follow to design the IT costume are the following:

  1. Trim the tights up to your knee.
  2. Put your white socks on your knees.
  3. You can paint the socks to give it the feeling of having several reliefs, similar to the collegiate socks.
  4. Put on your jacket and glue the balls that serve as giant buttons.
  5. Put the pleated skirt on your neck. If the skirt is too long, cut it a little.
  6. Take the strips of cloth and put them on the waist so that they resemble a belt.
  7. If you decide to make the clown wide pants, use the silver fabric for it. This will require a little sewing knowledge to make the boot of the pants, which you can glue to the meshes with hot silicone, bake by hand or with the sewing machine.
  8. Use the dancer’s shoes and the bottles to create the clown’s shoes. Make a vertical cut in the middle of the bottle and separate it. In the middle, make an opening through which you can put your foot. Make a large ball of newspaper and stick it to the tip of the bottle.
  9. Line the rest of the bottle with newspaper and white paste. When drying, paint the bottle of white and red. So, that it resembles Pennywise’s shoes. Glue the bottle to the shoes and use them.
  10. Make the wig with a white mesh that fits the head or a cotton shirt. Paste strips of wool grouped 4 in 4 and gave them the shape of the Pennywise head figure. You can also buy the wig at a costume shop.
  11. Get your teeth pointed.

If you do not have the materials to make the shoes, you can wear shoes that resemble those of the clown and are one size larger than yours.

IT Clown Costume

Make a Pennywise costume for a homemade woman

There are a variety of models of IT costumes for women. Here, we will explain how to make one with a skirt to make it look more feminine. To do this, you must use the following materials:

  • Vertical and thin gray striped t-shirt
  • Silver sleeves
  • Mini skirt with white pleats
  • Bright gray fabric about 30 cm wide and a meter and a half long
  • Transparent black tights
  • Converse sports shoes in red and white laces
  • IT style wig or a redhead wig
  • 3 balls of red wool to make the buttons
  • Neck about 30 cm wide, light beige pleated style
  • Makeup consisting of white paint, red lipstick and black pencil

Now, the steps to make an IT costume for a homemade woman are the following:

  1. Put on the vertical gray striped t-shirt.
  2. Add the pleated neck and sleeves on the arms.
  3. Put on the miniskirt.
  4. Place the black tights and, with scissors, make holes of about 10 cm in diameter in different parts of the mesh.
  5. Make the belt with the bright gray fabric and glue one of the balls in the center of the belt.
  6. Put the other 2 balls on the shirt make the buttons.
  7. Put on your red sports shoes.
  8. Become a bomber style shoulder pads with bright gray fabric.
  9. Put on the wig and get two ponytails with her to give a more feminine touch to the Pennywise costume.
  10. For makeup, use white paint to cover the entire face.
  11. Become the clown smile with the red lipstick and if you wish, you can outline it with the black pencil.
  12. Paint the edge of the eyes and eyebrows with the black pencil.
  13. Make yourself the vertical stripes that pass through the eyes with the red pencil or lipstick.
  14. Paint your clown nose with the red lipstick.
  15. Use the balloons to give a feeling of friendship and innocence. It can be a single balloon or several balloons.

In this way, you can easily make a pennywise IT clown costume in your home. Its cost is very low.

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