Things to Consider When Buying a Park Home

On the Move to a Peaceful Rural Area

Before selling up and moving, it’s necessary to understand all that a park home entails. One positive is that it allows you to live all year round in a peaceful rural area. The park home owner does not own the land it is located on, as the mobiles are not physically attached to the ground. Different laws apply to various types of sites, so it’s essential to seek legal advice before committing to a purchase.

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Planning permission must have been granted for the park site owner to make the site operational, and a licence must have been obtained from the local authority. This licence will stipulate whether the site is designated for holiday use or if it’s fully residential. Some licences may permit both holiday houses and permanent residency. In the past, purchasers have bought homes on sites only to discover they can only live on them for a specific period of time.

Pitch Agreement Should Be Examined Carefully

If you want to buy a fully residential park home, it is essential to make sure that the site is ‘protected’, and that means it is a site suitable for living on. The pitch agreement should be examined in detail before any purchases are made. It’s also important to bear in mind that the site you choose must have the appropriate licence which will allow you to use the home in whatever way you wish. The licence must be displayed clearly on a notice board.

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There are park homes for sale in Gloucestershire for those looking to relocate and enjoy life at a slower pace. Companies such as http://www.parkhomelife.com/ can provide more details on what is on offer. According to The Express, more banks are now offering ‘later life’ mortgages to meet the growing ageing population in the UK.

Your statement should set out the terms of the agreement, including pitch fee increases, which can often be referred to as ground rent. It will also outline the home owner’s duties to keep the property in a clean state of repair, and the site owner’s remit to ensure communal areas are clean and tidy. If you are purchasing the park home from the site owner, you can negotiate over additional charges such as water, gas and electricity.

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