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5 Important Jewellery Tips

Maintaining your jewellery in pristine condition does not require any specific equipment or detergents. Diamonds can easily be cleaned with warm water, soap and a soft brush. It is very important to regularly clean your diamond jewellery and engagement ring, as diamonds naturally attract dirt.

We advise that you have your jewellery inspected as often as possible – you don’t want to risk losing a diamond, gemstone or even an entire bracelet if the clip is not secure. Check out these five jewellery tips from

Use sparingly

You don’t have to wear every single ring that you own in one go. Don’t go overboard and wear rings on all ten fingers. One or two, three at the most, should be enough to spice up your look. If you love wearing rings, you can choose dainty, thin and small ones which you can stack for a statement. You can layer necklaces and bracelets several pieces at a time, but don’t use more than five at once. Necklaces should be of different lengths so each of them can have their own space on your neck and chest. Do not wear several chunky bracelets together. Thin chains and bangles are the best, courtesy of best au online casino.

Mix and match

You need not wear the same combinations of jewellery all the time. You can try mixing and matching pieces that will complement your outfit. You can also add a pop of colour to your jewellery, such as a bracelet with colourful stones. The general rule is that if you are wearing bright and printed clothes, your jewellery should be as simple as possible, and vice versa.

Don’t overdo statement pieces

Statement pieces are big pieces of jewellery that attract attention. If you wear a statement piece, choose among these three: bracelet, necklace or ring. Do not wear a statement ring, a statement bracelet and a statement necklace all at once as you will look overdone and ruin your outfit.

Invest in classic and timeless pieces

It is okay to have the latest fashion jewellery, but you should also invest in timeless pieces that will never go out of style. Examples of these are diamond stud earrings, pearl necklaces and earrings, gold bangles, simple rings, pendant necklaces, chokers, etc. You can wear these pieces with virtually any outfit. You don’t have to think about if they will match because they will, every single time.

Consider men’s jewelry options

Jewelry isn’t just for women! Men should be encouraged to learn what jewelry is appropriate for work. Consider watches, cufflinks, and lapel pins. Like any other jewelry styling, choose one piece to be the focal point and let the other things be understated (or not present at all). If you have a flashy watch, choose a smaller pair of cufflinks. If you’re going for a lapel pin, keep the rest of your look modest.

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