Tips for keeping your van secure

Van owners are mostly those who use their vehicles for business purposes. That means that there’s often a lot of value inside a van. This includes what was paid for the vehicle and people’s livelihoods if the van is used for business purposes. It would help to have the tools and equipment to keep the bills paid and the customers happy. With all of this at stake, investing in the best van security is vital. Here are some ways to achieve this:

Make safety your top priority

When choosing a van for your business, there are many factors to consider. Remember not to get too distracted by all the bells and whistles but keep security at the top of your list of priorities. You’ll want the best kit as standard. If you need to add extras, consider an immobiliser, an alarm, and deadlocks.

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Make modifications to your specific needs.

If you need to modify the van beyond the basic security specs, ensure your add-ons suit your needs. For example, you might need lockable tool boxes, slam locks, and upgraded deadlocks.

Security technology

A brand-new van will need an immobiliser and alarm as standard. The most basic it should be is a Thatcham Category 2 approved system, including an immobiliser. You then have the option to upgrade this further, such as an electronic alarm or vehicle tracking device.

A GPS tracker dramatically increases the chance of getting your vehicle returned if it is stolen, and you can even reduce your insurance premium when one is fitted. When hiring a van, you’ll want to ensure that it comes with a host of security fixtures as standard. For advice on Van Rental Bristol, contact Autolyne, a Van Rental Bristol company.

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Don’t leave valuables in the vehicle.

Your valuables can’t be stolen if they are not inside the vehicle in the first place. If you can remove tools each time you leave the van, that’s the safest option. If you can’t always do this, don’t leave them visible. Don’t forget to remove other items of value, such as sat navs, smartphones, and laptops.

Park safe

Most thieves are opportunists who like secluded, poorly lit areas. The best places to leave your vehicle are near CCTV, busy areas, and places with lots of light cover.

When parking your van at a residential address, consider installing motion-activated security lights, home security cameras, a locking gate, or rising bollards to keep your goods safe.

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