Why Day Care is a Bad Idea for Your Kids

For many new parents, the decision of who should watch their baby is stressful, emotional and confusing.

Many moms are not emotionally ready to go back to work but have limited or no maternity leave policy, courtesy of real money casino.

Without paid maternity leave, many parents are left without many options. Aside from being a stay-at-home parent or having relatives watch your child, the two most popular childcare choices are enrolling your child in a daycare center or hiring a nanny to watch your child in your home. While there are many advantages of daycare, every pro comes with some sort of con. Here’s why you should not choose daycare, curated by best casino sites online.

More Germs and Illness

Germs are prevalent in daycare with kids sharing so many toys, wiping their noses and touching the toys again.3 Given close contact with so many children, in daycare, a child may get sick more times a year than one not in daycare.

Sick Policies

Daycare centers have strict sick policies so if your kid falls into their “sick” category, you have to take off from work or find other childcare arrangements when your child has an illness. Further, if your kid gets sick at daycare, you will have to pick them up and keep them home until they are free of the illness.


Bites or falls are common in daycare.4 With many kids, it is difficult to keep an eye on all kids at one time so there may be more bumps and bruises.


Daycare centers run on specific hours so if you are late picking up your child, it is probable that you will be subject to an extra charge. If you have a job where you cannot leave at a specific time each day, you may need more flexibility than daycare can offer.

Your Kid’s Personality

Daycare has many transitions and stimuli, so it’s important to know your child’s personality. Think about whether they will be overwhelmed or overstimulated by this environment. Also, other kids’ behavior and development can impact your child’s day. Will your child be influenced by a child who needs additional discipline? How do you feel about teachers caring for more than one baby at a time?

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