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How to Choose the Most Suitable Outdoor Umbrella for Your Home

Ensuring that your residential property is comfortable to live in is a must. There are many ways homeowners can achieve this, for instance, by adding an entertainment room or hanging up distinct wall arts. But if you focus on the exterior parts of a home, you may add a swimming pool, patio, jacuzzi, or a wide garden.

If you love staying outside your house, you most likely will not be glad when it is raining hard or when the sun is too hot. Fortunately, you have the option to add an outdoor cantilever umbrella outside your home to protect from the weather. If you are unsure how to buy one, you can keep in mind several tips to ensure you get the right one.

Know What Size and Shape You Need

Before you look for an outdoor cantilever umbrella, you need to measure the area where you will place the umbrella. There were many instances when homeowners would bring home the wrong outdoor umbrella size, so they have no other choice but to have it replaced, and that can usually take a few days to get it done. Make sure to measure the area where you want the shade to reach to provide excellent coverage. You should also determine the height of the outdoor umbrella to prevent people from hitting it. The recommended height for outdoor umbrellas should be at least 7 to 9 feet tall.

Next is to know what umbrella shape you need. Most of the time, homeowners would want a shape that can go well with their surroundings. There are many umbrella shapes you can choose from, including round, square, or rectangle. If you have a large dining table, you should consider getting a rectangle-shaped umbrella. But if you have something smaller like a single coffee table and two chairs, the circle or square-shaped umbrella is enough.

Choose an Umbrella With Durable, Long-lasting Materials

Your outdoor umbrella is constantly exposed to harsh weather elements that can potentially damage it over time if left unmaintained. A good tip for preserving your umbrella’s lifespan is to prop it down and keep it whenever you are not using it. Ensure that the outdoor umbrella you are purchasing is water and fade resistant, and has UV protection. It would be best to choose an umbrella material like vinyl or canvas because they do not fade in the sun too quickly. You can also choose a polyester-type umbrella if you are on a tight budget.

Choose the Perfect Outdoor Umbrella Design

You can find many outdoor umbrella designs that can fit well with your outdoor surroundings. You can start by knowing the colour scheme of the surroundings. Ensure that the colour matches with the other parts of your outdoor area so that it will not look out of place. Usually, there are umbrella designs that have patterns to add more colour and vibrancy to the atmosphere. But that is not the case sometimes because there is a possibility that the patterns might conflict with the theme of your outdoor area.

As long as you choose the right outdoor cantilever umbrella, you will not have problems lounging around outside your home anymore. Ensure you buy your outdoor umbrellas from well-known companies like Outdoor Elegance to ensure you get long-lasting and durable products.

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