The Modern Rocking Chair

The rocking chair has long had an image associated with old people. A sweet grandma rocking back and forth while knitting is an image that often springs to mind. However, many designers have reinvented the rocking chair, bringing it well and truly into the modern era of interior design. Whilst, there will always be a special place in our hearts for the rocking chairs of elderly porches and nursing homes, there is no reason why we can’t enjoy rocking in a more contemporary fashion.

For Two

Ever wished you could find a rocking chair big enough for two people? The Gillespie rocking chair is the one for you. The design is incredibly elegant, but that’s not the unique selling point. This chair is available in two sizes, one of which is a chair fit for two rockers!

The Rocking Knit

Ever wished you could combine a contemporary rocking chair with traditional knitting but without the hassle? This chair takes rocking and knitting to a whole new level. As you rock, the chair has an in-built mechanism that knits a hat for the user. What a unique idea! It’s an incredibly quirky chair that was the brainchild of two students who were given the project title of ‘low-tech factory’.

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A rocking chair without legs? How is that design even possible? While unusual, the Fedro outdoor rocking chair manages to rock the user through their use of balance and movement with their arms and legs. The seat shape is similar to that of a lounge chair to improve its comfort.

Cala Rocking Chair

The inspiration for this chair came from suspended bridges. The frame of the chair consists of a series of stainless-steel rods whose tension changes and adjusts to provide maximum comfort to the user. The aesthetics of the chair are sculptural, with an interesting industrial edge.

Eames Rocking Chair

There are some designs that are so stunning that their popularity is timeless, never going out of fashion. Chairs designed by Ray and Charles Eames fall into this category. Their Rocking Armchair Rod Base is one of those iconic chairs that features a plastic seat on wooden runners. To get your hands on an Eames Rocking Chair, check out the stunning replica range at Pash Classics.


This is a chair that was inspired by the Ray and Charles Eames lounge chair. It is beautiful in its simplicity and refined elegance, created by Alegre Design Studio. Its gentle rocking motion and specially designed seat and shell make it the perfect choice for a nursery chair.


Rocking chairs are not just for older people and nursing mothers, kids love them too. They find these types of chairs great fun, but the seats are often too big for them. The AMM has been designed with this in mind and features a small, lightweight structure with a casual, not child-like design of wooden frame and seat made from strips of woven organic felt.


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