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Hair loss or alopecia: when to see a specialist

Before an episode of hair loss, an evaluation by a Specialist Dermatologist in Trichology is required, who will detect if it is a greater hair loss, in a localized area, or if it is somewhat diffuse, depending on that lack of hair. People who believe that they are beginning to develop a case of baldness may perceive the appearance of itching and/or flaking on the scalp as part of the process that leads to hair loss. It should also be analyzed if there is a variation in the quantity and quality of the hair as well as its distribution.

Ways in which to treat hair loss

The treatments applied to a case of alopecia vary according to the type of alopecia, as well as the evolution that it is experiencing, in addition to the level of improvement that is being experienced.

One of the drugs that are used externally as foam or lotion, to stimulate hair growth and the follicular growth phase is minoxidil. This allows more nutrients, blood flow, and oxygen to reach the follicle. During this process, the follicles in the resting phase fall, giving way to a new, longer phase of growth, in which the hair acquires a greater follicular diameter. The results of this type of treatment begin to be perceived after 3-4 months of treatment, reaching their peak at 12 months.

Treatment with minoxidil is easy and results more comfortable to use. It is applied in a foam or solution format on the dry hair of the scalp, directly through the dropper, with a spray or with the fingers, evenly throughout the area to be treated, and always following the frequency indicated. the dermatologist. Treatment usually consists of 1 ml of minoxidil solution for each application, not exceeding 2 ml per day. It is necessary that after each application the hands are washed well, avoiding that the product falls on other areas, as it would cause hair growth in these.

In those patients whose capillary density is barely noticeable, surgical treatment can be chosen through hair transplantation with micro-grafts, producing a natural result. When this type of operation is to be used, the donor area is sutured using a technique that leaves a barely detectable scar, called trichophytic suture, with which the hair can grow through the scar; the follicular units of that cutaneous part are separated under a microscope and implanted in the recipient area. Through this technique, a greater number of follicles are obtained for transplantation and it is usually the one used in men with cases of extensive alopecia, and also in women, since there is no requirement to shave the hair.

Hair mesotherapy treatment is one of the most innovative and the therapeutic efficacy of the method is increased from the first session, almost in all cases. This technique consists in the realization of multiple micro-infiltrations of specific effective products to be able to stop the fall, and at the same time increase the thickness of the hair follicles and stimulate growth, since all together contributes to the increase of the hair density. You may also like to read juvetress revitalizing hair therapy reviews.

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