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Things To Consider While Buying A Bathroom Basin

If your new home is under construction and you want to buy the best basin for your bath, you must consider several factors. Sinks indeed add space to the bathrooms and do not cut it off. With that said, a bathroom basin can be single or double and come in versatile types to suit your bathroom’s interior. Though basins make a significant segment of your bathroom’s interior, finding a bright one lets you make the best out of it. A wrong choice can turn expensive and even cost you a whole new renovation!

Making The Most Appropriate Choice

No doubt that once you are all set to shop for a basin, you will come across versatile types, styles and colours. When picking one out of the different types, you need to consider your bathroom’s size, the amount of dedicated space for a sink, your lifestyle, etc. Here are a few considerations to make.

  1. Know the Types

To begin with, you need to skim across the various styles. The pedestal basin is the classic basin choice and the most common type you will find. Full-pedestal sinks are the best option if your bathroom space is ample and if you want to conceal flooring flaws or a pipeline that runs across. You want to hide a water line but cannot go with a sink that will eat up floor space- pick a semi-pedestal sink.

On the flip side, if you want to infuse a contemporary, sleek look into your bath basin, wall-mounted sinks are the to-go choice. You save space and add an elegant interior addition. Lastly, if you already have a vanity installed, integrating the basin onto the counter is a space-saving idea. Luckily, you will find tabletop and fully/semi-recessed sinks in such a style category!

  1. The Size Factor

Before proceeding with bathroom basin shopping, use a soft tape to measure the available space. You might fancy a long marble vanity recessed basin but only end up finding that it will not fit in your bathroom. Hence, you need to measure the dimensions of your bathroom then correspond it with the size of the basin unit. The type of mount and the style can highly influence the amount of space a sink can take.

  1. The Material

The type of finish your basin can leave depends on the kind of material your basin. The best material option for bathroom sinks is ceramic, as they are easy to maintain and resilient. If you fancy creating a luxury bathroom, you can consider marble and other stones. A marble or granite vanity-infused sink is a classic choice. If you want the interior to keep simple, white porcelain sinks are preferable. They are economical yet resist chipping and cracks. Glass sinks are another modern option. Glasses do not absorb stains or odours, making them better for modern bath spaces.

  1. Accessory options

When accessing your bathroom basin, understand that taps and other storage racks need to get along with your sink style. A wrong choice with sink faucets can make your bathroom look imbalanced. Further, ensure that your basin can support the type of tap you want to add. For instance, some basins come with a single central tap hole, while others can take customisation with the location of the tap hole. If you want to have a hot and cold water faucet, check two lines. If not, you can add a mixer tap with a single faucet hole line.

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