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Rainbow nails – the trend for summer 2021

From cherry red to lemon yellow, from grass green to sky blue: the manicure for summer 2020 includes all the colors of the rainbow.

Stop to a one-color manicure with nude and soft shades. Among the trends for summer 2020, the most whimsical one includes rainbow nails with bright, bright colors, which will draw attention to the hands. Free rein to the imagination and to the most whimsical and extravagant ideas.

Rainbow nails summer 2021: the trendRainbow nails

Each season, your own nail color. If during autumn warm earth tones are preferred, in winter burgundy is the master and with the arrival of spring you begin to wear colors, it is with summer 2020 that you will be able to show off bright shades thanks to the rainbow manicure. Very popular among beauty influencers, rainbow nails are conquering thousands of nail polish lovers.

From lemon yellow to cherry red, through sky blue and grass green, your fingertips will burst with vitality.

The American star Kylie Jenner dictated the law, who drove her followers crazy with a shot of her manicure posted on Instagram. Jenner opted for a revisited French manicure, where blue and yellow were used instead of the usual white.

The result is elegant, original nails with a personal and glam touch.

How to do the rainbow manicureRainbow nails

Whether you rely on an expert on the subject or decide to apply nail polish at home with the right tools, the keyword is to be daring. In fact, there are no precise schemes to create the rainbow manicure, but you can give free rein to your imagination.

Here then you can choose to color each nail with a different color (mismatched manicure) with a highlighter and bright shades or opt for soft and pastel colors. For a particular and whimsical optical effect, you can apply a white or black matte base on the nail and then proceed with the creation of very thin colored lines. Another alternative is that of the polka dot rainbow manicure: after having colored the base with a neutral tone, with the help of a brush, make small colored and close dots. The most original variant is the shaded one with a degradé effect. The alternatives are many and thanks to this type of manicure even a simple look will be embellished.

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