How to grow the eyelashes naturally and quickly

This time we will talk about something that we love in women and it is eyelashes. In here we will learn how to grow the eyelashes naturally and quickly. We all know that lately there have been many tricks and tips for that beauty to be enhanced both naturally and with makeup or other beauty techniques that you can apply every day.

For example, makeup is something that will always be in fashion. In fact, many aesthetic schools have been responsible for renewing their makeup, makeup, professional make-up and make-up courses every day because many women have become so interested in this subject that they want to learn to make it part of their lives.

How to grow the eyelashes naturally

How to grow the eyelashes naturally and quickly

The look is of course of the face of the woman, the most shocking. That is why we care that the makeup is mainly focused on the eyes. We do that to make our look deeper and more elegant. But, in short, to make the look especially seductive, lashes play a very special role.

We cannot deny the fact that longer eyelashes make the look illuminate the face. Unfortunately not all women are born with long and abundant eyelashes, so we have to find solutions to make it so, at least temporarily for an event, a party, important meeting or any other reason or situation.

There are many home remedies to strengthen the lashes that are very useful for all those girls who were not born so lucky to have strong eyelashes as oak, and also long and abundant.

Tips to take care of your tabs

If you are one of those who want to strengthen your lashes, then you should continue reading the fantastic beauty tricks that we present below:

  • The makeup during the night can be very harmful for your skin and especially for your eyelashes. Cover your pores, and make the lashes dry and then fall, so at a certain moment you will see no tabs, which is exactly what you want to avoid.
  • Vitamin E mascara. If what you want is to know how to lengthen the lashes with mascara, then you have it easy. You must choose a transparent gel eyelash mask that has vitamin E and use it in the morning along with your makeup. The appearance of lengthening will be immediate, but vitamin E on them will help you to strengthen them permanently.
  • Make up your eyelids with light colors to contrast with your lashes; this will make them look longer and more abundant.
  • For fast eyelash growth it is recommended that you begin to ingest collagen in tablets; you can buy it in pharmacies and take the doses indicated in the recommendations. Although you do not believe that with collagen you will have the solution to the question: how to make eyelashes grow in a week? It is a process that you must experiment with patience and that if you combine it with other home remedies it will offer you better results.

If you want to know how to grow the eyelashes naturally and quickly, then read the following remedies.

How to grow the eyelashes naturally

Home and Natural Remedies to lengthen the eyelashes

There are countless home remedies that explain how to lengthen the eyelashes. In this post we will only present you some that will help you.

Olive oil

We all know that olive oil has multiple benefits for all types of diseases; also as a beauty treatment in a natural way.

Before going to bed, massage your eyelashes with your fingers moistened in olive oil and let it work all night. When you get up in the morning, you should wash your face thoroughly before putting on makeup.

Castor oil

If you are looking for how to grow the eyelashes naturally and quickly, then get castor oil. The castor oil using for grow hair and eyelashes very effective as a treatment. You should only moisten a cotton ball with the castor oil and place it over your eyes and let it act for at least an hour, and then wash it well with soap and water.

Almonds oil

In particular, it is one of the home remedies that I like the most because it is dynamic and serves everything. Almond oil is an enhancer that allows you to grow your hair, make your nails grow, helps reduce constipation, eliminates stretch marks, reduces cellulite, and helps to erase scars.

In the same way, almond oil helps you strengthen your eyelashes and make them grow naturally.

Heat about 5 drops of almond oil in the microwave, and apply it to your lashes from the root to the tip in continuous movements for at least 10 minutes. It is a good idea to repeat this about three times a week.

How to grow the eyelashes naturally

Green Tea

The tea works to calm the anxiety, and sometimes to recover the dream when we are in those days in which the insomnia is attacking us. There is a type of tea for every occasion, and Green Tea is one of those that serve almost everything. In fact, green tea is used as a thinner by many cultures.

In this case, it can also help you get long and strong lashes. What you should do is prepare your tea in the normal way as if you were to drink it; leave it resting until it is at room temperature, introduce a cotton ball to absorb it and bathe your eyelashes enough to be well moist.

Repeat this operation about 3 times, and then leave the cotton on your eyelids for half an hour. If your search is how to grow the eyelashes naturally and quickly, green tea could be the best options. We can assure you that it is an infallible remedy to grow your eyelashes.

How to grow the eyelashes naturally


Although it is a remedy that I assume I did not know what it was for, I saw it in a close friend whose eyelashes were somewhat depopulated.

She began to apply petroleum jelly in minimal portions, with her fingertips on her eyelashes, and in a month her eyelashes were abundant and long. So of course, I will recommend it.

Finally, you can also make a mixture of oils, with those mentioned above and put it as a mask on the eyelashes.

We are sure that if you take into consideration our advice on how to grow the eyelashes naturally and quickly, you will achieve it in a short and precise time.

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