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Bohemia dress: how to wear it without looking disguised

The bohemian style stands out from current trends to become a new classic and be faithful to its risky character: betting on fluid designs, colors that take us to nature, and accessories that do not go unnoticed. We give you all the keys to interpret it without losing an iota of elegance and sophistication.

Artists in 19th-century Paris used the term ‘bohemian’ to differentiate themselves from the French middle class of the time, whom they considered uneducated and uninterested in art. The word gradually evolved until it became an entire artistic trend and ideology with its own identity. It became an attitude and way of living life. The bohemian style spread to other fields, such as fashion, and it not only happened in Paris, but it also spread to all European countries.

The boho style, as we know it today, became fashionable from the 60s to the early 70s. Despite being a very specific trend over time, the truth is that it has resisted the Over the years it has been reinventing itself with new formulas such as ‘boho chic’ or ‘hippie chic’, to become a new classic among those women who have a special predilection for ‘gypsy’ soul garments.

This style is based on avoiding the canons of current trends and fashion and has a risky character combining unpredictable garments. Flowy shirts and dresses are essential with thousands of possibilities that evoke freedom, highlight the colors that take us to nature and the striking accessories with sometimes mystical meaning.

Boho style: where can we find inspiration?

The resurgence of this style in recent years is ‘the fault’ of celebrities such as Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, and Mary-Kate, and Ashley Olsen, before becoming mega-successful designers. The Coachella festival has also contributed greatly to this hippie look with high doses of glamor moving from the desert landscape of Indio (California) to the asphalt of the big cities.

Therefore, the images of those attending this event and the street style looks of the aforementioned celebrities (especially from the 2000s), in addition to the Instagram profiles of the influencers that we include in this guide, are a good source of inspiration to practice this style like a true expert in 2021.

This way of dressing does not go out of style because it is very attractive, however, it is easy to err on the side when creating our ‘outfit’ and, sometimes, to appear disguised as if we were going to a Halloween party. Therefore, if you want to wear the boho style like an expert, these are the ‘tips’ you should follow so as not to lose an iota of elegance and sophistication:

Boho style: take risks with prints but don’t overdo it

The floral details, the ethnic motifs, the ‘cashmere’ or ‘paisley’ print are fundamental in this trend that is usually accompanied by embroidery, braids, fringes … These are very powerful combinations, therefore, so as not to be excessive combine it with neutral accessories. Avoid using too many colors at once or mixing several different textures. That is, remember those style tips that your mother always repeats and that are based on balance, and put them into practice. For example, if the fabric of the pants is striking, try to make the shirt smooth and discreet in tone. If it is a dress with fantasy, balance it with simple accessories.

Boho style: bet on flowing and moving garments

One of the elements that characterize boho is the search for freedom and, therefore, it is important when dressing to feel comfortable: normally, soft, loose clothing is worn, with flare and several layers. The maxi dress, a basic summer wardrobe, but which can be worn throughout the year, is the best example of a comfortable and spacious garment, with that relaxed but elegant air. Of course, not all the designs that we use for a bohemian style must be ‘oversize’. The key is to combine loose garments with others that are more tight-fitting.

Boho style: the importance of accessories

In our ‘boho outfit,’ jewels with a mystical touch are essential. These jewels that never go out of style are, on this occasion, the ideal dance partner of not very discreet accessories such as belts full of feathers, coins, leather, fringes … Silver or metal bracelets, bangles or earrings combined with natural stones. You can also wear several rings at the same time or anklets. Bet on some seventies-style sunglasses, with a retro touch.

Boho style: the hat as an essential accessory

Although depending on each type of hair, one hat or another is better, if we have to bet on a specific hat model, in the case of the boho style we are left with the most versatile, the ‘Fedora’. But there are other accessories that you can use to be the most ‘boho chic’, such as hairbands with flowers, embroidery, crochet, or chain tiaras. Another elegant and simple option is scarves or bandanas for the hair.

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