From 30ml to 25ltr, their advanced machines can deliver a first-class liquid filling service in many Industry sectors

From household cleaners to cosmetics, and from personal care products to the chemical industry, if you have a container, no matter what size, from 30ml to 25ltr that needs Liquid Filling then contact a specialist company like  They guarantee a first-class, top-rate service for every client and their state-of-the-art machines ensure your costs are kept to a minimum.  Any size or shape of bottle or container, including glass, metal or plastic is catered for and any unusual viscosity of liquid, from thin and watery to thick and gloopy.  Your exacting, high standards are not only met but exceeded by a highly trained team of machine operators who take great pride in completing every individual customer order on time and on budget.

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Complete flexibility to change their complex processes at a moment’s notice they offer full production runs, new project start-ups, trial runs and pre-production testing as well as any technical support you may need. Having previous experience in working successfully with major distributors such as Aldi, Tesco, Asda, J D Williams and QVC they deliver a 100% batch traceability and control system and operate a zero land-fill policy.

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Having extensive experience in the liquid filling industry they can work with Gels, Creams and Liquids, successfully filling containers of household chemicals, cleaning agents, and lubricants, as well as fragrances and perfumes, achieving in a few hours what other companies can only do in a week!

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